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Prognathous: DPReview: Did you ask Nikon why the camera needs extra hardware to reach 9 FPS? Could it be that technically the camera is capable of doing it as-is, but it's artificially capped to get people to pay more? I'm not aware of other cameras (including those that offer higher framerate) that has a similar limitation.

The shutter needs the higher voltage of the bigger battery to be able to reach 9fps. It's as simple as that.

Link | Posted on Oct 16, 2017 at 18:38 UTC
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HeyItsJoel: The real upgrade is from 80D to D750.

I also own a D750 and 5DMkIII. There is no comparison for video quality. The D750 trounces the 5DMkIII, and that's not just my opinion. Having said that, The only time I use a DSLR for video is when it's the only camera I've got on me, or if I need extreme shallow depth of field. Otherwise I stick to Panasonic which offers superb 4k in a very small and affordable package.

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HeyItsJoel: The real upgrade is from 80D to D750.

Actually, the Nikon D750 is the real upgrade for video. I've been a Canon user since 2003, but I purchased a Nikon D750 to use with the Nikon 200-400 VR lens I got last year (1/4 the price of the Canon version). What I discovered, quite by accident, is that the video quality on the D750 absolutely blows away anything from Canon DSLR's, including any of the 5D bodies. I'm astonished that Canon continues to peddle their soft mushy DLSR video, while Panasonic, Sony, and even Nikon produce vastly superior video quality. I still love my Canon equipment (1Dx and 5D-MkIII), but definitely not for video. Sorry if any Canon users are offended by this.

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KoKo the Talking Ape: Is anybody else surprised at how steady the platform is in the space-based photos like the second one above? I would expect vibration from pumps and motors, thermal expansion or contraction, etc. ISS thing is not connected to the ground or anything else to damp out vibration.

Most likely the reason the platform is so steady is because of the huge mass of the ISS.

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