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I have used DxO and loved its results since version 6 and updated without hesitation. Now I must consider saying goodbye to DxO just as I have already said goodbye to the world of Canon and Nikon DSLRs. The only camera I have now that DxO works with is my Fujifilm X100. That is simply not good enough.

If DxO publicly commits to pulling its finger out for X-Trans support then I will definitely upgrade to version 9. If not, then I can no longer justify the cost just for one camera.

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JohnEwing: The second-hand market for this just got fascinating.

Northgrove, thanks for sharing your feeling about the X-Trans II Sensor. I have encountered quite a few who swapped their X100 for an X100S and now regret having done so. I have not been lucky enough to try an X100S so reserve judgment.

I have stuck with the X100 due to it being the ONLY Fuji X-series camera that DxO supports in DxO PhotoOptics Elite. If I had bought into the X-Trans II sensor cameras I would have had to upgrade my RAW processor to Capture One as Adobe's software does not give me what I need for available darkness documentary work.

This firmware update has extended my X100's usefulness until I inevitably upgrade to an X-Pro2 and a small set of prime lenses along with Capture One.

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Samuel Dilworth: These are admirably honest statements, in stark contrast to the self-serving nonsense spouted by other companies recently.

Still, I can’t help but laugh at how many times something was described as ‘difficult’ or ‘very difficult’. Poor Panny! They’re stuck and they know it. They’ve been making great cameras for years now, and that’s still not widely known. In part that’s because their marketing has been so bad: they’ve made cameras with strengths that are almost impossible to explain (e.g. the oversized sensor that allows the use of the full image circle diameter of the lens at all aspect ratios) and their advertising is the worst in the industry.

Their cameras are typically excellent, in my experience.

Excellent cameras, bad marketing... so very true!

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Norbert75: And for the XPro-1 you haven't got a chance !

I get excellent results from DxO Optics Elite but DxO's lack of profiles for X series cameras and lenses other than the X100 damages my workflow, the quality of my work and has ensured I must do most of my work in other, far less satisfactory RAW processors now. Shame, shame, shame DxO.

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IsabelS: DxO Optics Pro 7 is a very capable image editor. Yet, for some reason it is still unreceptive and uncompanionable to ever-growing crowd of m4/3 users.

How would you otherwise justify the lack of such stellar lenses as Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 25 mm f/1.4 and Panasonic Lumix G Vario 7-14mm F4 ASPH in their module selection?

Hi Axel, any news on the profile for Fujifilm Finepix X10 RAW files?

As with the X100, this camera has proven to be a great choice for shooting fly-on-the-wall photojournalism where other cameras are oversized overkill or way too unaffordable with current budgets and I am using the X10 all the time for that, but losing time with other RAW processing options that just don't deliver the results in the same way as DxO.

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PhotoArtKC: If photographers only spent as much time taking pictures as they did hosting online p!ssing contests about who's camera is better, before it's even publicly available, perhaps photographers could sharpen their skills and the choice of WHAT you shoot with wouldn't matter so much...

Personally, it looks like a nice camera with a very good niche market. Sure, it's not cheap... But it's not something you buy to replace every year when the next better model replaces it. (like a P&S)

And why compare it to a DSLR? After all, that is like comparing grapes to olives. Sure, they have the same shape but are entirely different. Personally, I'd like to see some real world images from it, but it looks like a kit I would actually buy into and take with me on vacation rather than hauling around a 35 pound backpack of DSLR gear.

I look forward to actually seeing the X-Pro1 in the flesh as it were, and sitting next to a pro DSLR, a Leica M9 and Fujifilm's X10 and X100. From the photographs, the X-Pro1 looks about the size of the M9, way smaller than pro DSLRs. If so then that makes it a real contender for the fly-on-the-wall photojournalism I do now and used to do with film Leicas. I have DSLRs but that kind of photography is not their strong point.

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R Thornton: I paid that for my Canon 5D MkII, 50/1.4 and 580 flash (+other lenses I had from before) and am pretty sure it can smoke Fuji any time in any type of photography. What is it exactly that you get with this gorgeously looking (but not that small, either) camera over a proven weapon of choice like MkII?

Bradleyg5 is so right about people acting like one is pointing a shotgun at them with a Canon 5D MkII. They sure do and there is no getting around that. I love my 5D MkII but it is now earning its keep shooting video, not stills.

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Robgo2: Unbelievable! It is virtually impossible to draw meaningful conclusions based on these image samples, yet so many "experts" are fully prepared to pronounce the camera a complete dud. Lighten up, people, and don't be so insecure over the possibility that Fuji may have produced a camera that outperforms your own.


It would have been terrific if Fujifilm had managed to get this camera into the hands of some Magnum-style photojournalists, Magnum's own photographers having been tied up in their deal with Leica.

I dream of seeing photographs a little bit like the kind of images I make being used to show off the gear I am considering buying. But that almost never happens. Pity.

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So far version 7.2 is not available through my customer account or as an update via version 7.1.

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Support for the Fujifilm Finepix X100 and X10 cameras in version 7? Fantastic! I would have loved support for them in DxO Optics Pro Elite 6 though.

As soon as my X100 arrived I stopped using my DSLRs for photojournalism projects (the days of being paid well enough to afford Leicas are long gone) and am looking forward to trying out and probably buying an X10 soon. My DSLRs are only for video now.

In the meantime I have had to stop using DxO altogether, instead using Adobe products for my RAW conversions, and have greatly disliked every moment of it to the point of only doing the bare minimum. It will be such a relief to go back to DxO again soon.

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