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  • He was following a butterfly flitting from place to place. Never jumped at it though, just passing the time as cats do.
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    Otis waiting for the eat! Cats were VERY large? Nice kitty, please! That is Otis who crossed that bridge a few years ago but remains always in our hearts.
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    Testing a new (cell phone) camera. Almost as much fun as a new camera, hey it is a camera. Bobo does not think its a camera so maybe its really a phone. Bobo checking out my  new phone, I mean camera.
  • Amos (top) and Bobo (bottom pix) taking advantage of the warm sunshine streaming in through a window. Amos wants to know why I woke him Bobo does not mind
  • Secure position waiting for, well who knows? It was raining, Amos was happy, secure and watching the rain come down. Haven't we all done that?
  • Classic lenses at prices most pro photographers would laugh at. Classic lenses for doctors, lawyers and such.

  • I did not ask their names but the shop owner said she feed them everyday. They are warm, dry and they have each other. Many cats have far more difficult lives.
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    Jolene So sorry to hear of the passing of your friend and companion Sweetie. They do break our hearts at such times. Joe
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    Kim, Thank you for the work you have done to keep the weekly kitty page going. Joe
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    A few weeks ago I posted a photo of "Bobo the camo cat". I like him so much I had to crop out a small part of the image of just his head. Turned out OK for such a small part of the file. Ever alert ...
  • Amos giving me "the look" Able to survey our yard from the top of a fence rail. On another note, Merry Christmas and Healthy New Year to all the cats and catpeople on the forum. Joe
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    Here is Bobo the camouflaged cat looking like the tree behind him Blending in Easy to walk right past Bobo and not see him, hiding in plain sight.
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    Amos told me to thank all the catpeople out there for their votes. He said no one makes a keyboard for cat paws so he could not do it himself.
  • Well I guess he did not say that but maybe he was thinking that...maybe.
  • I'm not much for jewelry and this seems to be just that. Photo jewelry. I wish them success in their venture though I believe the market might be a speck on the pie chart.

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    A scary looking cat taking care of his territory on Halloween.
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    Amos says he may be on the bench now but come Tuesday he may be in the game. Dodgers for the series!
  • Amos feeling the arrival of Fall. Leaves falling, temperatures falling. I think he likes Spring and Summer best.
  • Amos said " I know there was food in here" Cats and boxes, can't keep 'em away!
  • Amos making sure all is right with his world. Amos likes to check "his" property before heading inside for the evening.  No gophers, birds, lizards or other interlopers, he is happy. Taken with a ...
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