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  • Coming right at you front paws in the air Hops right out of his "cat nap special" rest and looking for a treat.
  • Replied in How cute?
    Very, very cute! They have to grow into their fur coats and furry paws.
  • It is wonderful you took in Max. I assume you are in San Francisco from your name (BobSF) and SF is no place for a cat to be roaming around homeless. Thank you. Joe
  • I want to go out and play.... Since Mokey has smelled and experienced the great outdoors he will sit by the window, watch for any moving objects going by,  and plead to go out. Not so much in words ...
  • Something interesting up there.... Under supervision we are slowly allowing Mokey to explore the backyard.
  • Nvermess you would be disappointed in the continuous auto focus of the Fuji in contrast to the excellent continuous tracking focus of the D500.

  • A beautiful cat wonderfully photographed. Our Mokey has a similarly clipped ear- he was once feral and TNR'd (trapped- neutered- returned) ...
  • Replied in The eyes have it
    Mokey holding still for a photo with Lumix 42.5mm f1.7 lens If Mokey (aka Mr. Gray) is not asleep he is moving. Getting a reasonably nice photo takes some work. I just purchased the Panasonic Lumix ...
  • We went to a presentation about wild cats (of all sizes) 10 years ago. (time flies) This is from in northern California. Wonderful to learn about these cats up ...
  • Mokey staying warm by the stove Mokey has the best seat in the house. And, of course, he deserves it. He works hard! He has to stay warm on these cold winter days.
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    Very sorry to hear Michelle has passed on over the rainbow bridge. When a friend leaves us they leave their mark on us. Michelle will be in your heart and mind for a long time to come. Joe
  • Replied in Watching
    Great minds think alike. I was wondering how Mokey would react and let him discover birds. He is an indoor cat but watches birds from the window. This is a different kind of window.
  • Replied in Mokey and Cat TV
    Cat TV as seen on Youtube. Mokey was stimulated by the movement and sounds of the birds. For a little while. But the dinner bell rang (the can of cat food opening) and food not computer ...
  • An inexpensive experiment -buy one of those manual Chinese lenses. At the least they have an aperture to adjust. Of course the quality of image is better than any pinhole lens and you don't suffer...

  • Replied in coffee cat
    My comment was aimed at Palino and his photo of the black cat looking around the corner. Your photo is a wonderful portrait and will be valued for a long time to come.
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    Wonderful image of the hunter to be.  I hope this cat belongs to someone who takes good care of him or her.  Curious, looking out on the world that he will one day inhabit and call "my world".
  • There was the Beatles, the Crickets, Hootie and the Blowfish, Three Dog Night, and so many more - why not the Cool Cats?
  • Mokey takes position on the table and watches me- thinking he is getting some toast with peanut butter. Sorry Mokey.... I used my ancient Nikon D90 (by digi standards of age) with a lens that did ...
  • As mentioned this is a great intro to building and selecting components for your first or 10th build. Just remember there will be no warranty except for individually covered components. Unless you...

  • Replied in Nap time over
    Yes he has taken to both of us. Follows us around. Trusts us in the usual ways cats do so. Seems relaxed, plays with his toys (and us) and the occasional nip to our hands or fingers when he has ...
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