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mermaidkiller: Indeed, that is what I already posted when the iPad Pro came out.
I am a Mac user, but Apple should really reconsider the Macbooks and make a detachable keyboard and a touchscreen.
This will be the great war between MS and Apple like the Nikon / Canon wars.

No, it won't. There is no war here. There's not even a battle. Or even a skirmish.

The thing you don't understand is that the build quality of these Surface things is garbage. Yeah it looks cool in the video, but Microsoft is not a hardware company. The things are chintzy as hell. The Surface Pro 3 was literally GLUED TOGETHER.

The Pro 3 had tons of overheating problems in the i7 units.

Then there's software. Surface runs regular Windows, most of which is not optimized for touch. So you end up having to use the pen stylus for just about everything, to manipulate tiny little controls on the screen. It's the exact opposite of an iPad in that regard.

See, Microsoft knew that they would not be able to catch up to iPad in the native touch apps department, so they just slapped Windows into a touchscreen tablet and gave users a pen and a crappy flappy keyboard and said "here ya go!"

The Apple Pencil is SOLELY for use in specialized graphics apps... whereas on Surface you NEED the pen.

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It has FANS inside it? FANS? In a tablet? WTƒ?

I'm mystified. This is supposed to compete with iPad somehow?

<shakes head>

I'd be surprised if it survived for a year. It's not even solid state! It has moving parts INSIDE! FANS! lolol

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Zephir 750: Well, the umpteenth firmware update and this obviously means we won't get to see the E-M1 Mk II with a better performing sensor till......who knows when.

If you want a better sensor the Sony A7S Mk II looks freaking awesome. But for a MFT camera the E-M1 is great. I do feel the limitations of it at times but, well, nothing's perfect. I also paid a micro price :D

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isinadinos: It would be a dream if 60p was also added in the FW.
How is possible the lower model of OMD EM10 m2 has 60p and not the top one?

It's also due to licensing issues with the CODECs (the software that compresses the video is not owned by Olympus). EM10 is a newer camera and Oly probably got some new deal arranged for that. May not be able to go backwards with such deals due to export restrictions.

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Hallelujah! 24P at last on my E-M1! Better late than never. Thank you Olympus!! But what is the bit-rate? Please say you got ALL-I onto this camera somehow :D Even if you didn't I'm still pleased with this. You even followed my request to enable the better IS mode. :D

Now I'm gonna start storyboarding :D

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nikon power: If the 120fps video is without live sound then such feature is useless for many videos.

Also it does not refine uranium. 2 stars.

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Amazing. This looks like "the one"... it may be time to sell all my other gear.

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///M: A few problems: iPad screens are way off in calibration, forget editing photos with critical color management, will be great for editing for Instagram. Try managing files with iOS, total PIA. iPads and iOS were designed for content consumption, not creation, at least not in any way resembling efficiency. Nice e-reader, video playback, game playing device though.

Yes, it will be interesting to see if they thought of this. But you know what? I'd bet that they did think of this. Wait until it's released and we'll see.

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shutterbobby: Hmm have a Samsung Note pro 12.1'' with pen & 128GB memory for $600 the last 2 yrs ..& this is news??!!

No, what's news is that now there's a decent one, designed by an American company, that runs a secure operating system.

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photo perzon: IQ like the dogs. Fast AF but the look of over dark over sharp.

LOL, it's a tool, and like any tool it is the user of the tool who makes it horrid or great. I get great results out of my Olympus gear because I know WTF I am doing. YMMV

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Anastigmat: When a camera maker is selling a small number of cameras, it is easy to have a 25% increase in sales volume. A profit of $8.8 million is way better than a loss of even $1, but it is nothing to write home about. Companies that make nothing, such as internet web sites, earn a lot more profit in some cases. Bad news for Olympus is that the world is moving towards full frame cameras. Affordable ff cameras will be the next hot market segment, but Olympus won't be part of it. I wonder how many cameras with 4/3 sensors Olympus can sell if a FF DSLR costs about the same or even less than Olympus cameras.

Technically, four thirds is a full-frame format. All of the lenses are full-frame relative to the sensor. The vast majority of photos today are taken on cell phones. Compared to that, a four thirds sensor is gigantic. Lenses are smaller and cheaper for four thirds, compared to 35mm formats. As a result I believe this format is great and will always have a place in the market. Consumers being subjected to hype and lies surrounding why they need 35mm cameras notwithstanding.

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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV Review (1579 comments in total)

RX100 III has cleaner iso 6400, by far.

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Tequila MockingjayBird: "The sensor inside the G3 X is a known quantity, in the sense that we've seen it before in several other Sony (and Canon) cameras"

What sensor is this, and which cameras has it been used?

How do they really know who made the sensor?

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On article Shooting with the Canon PowerShot G3 X (322 comments in total)
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Francis Carver: http://www.eoshd.com/2015/07/canon-profit-down-16-as-demand-for-cameras-continues-to-fall/

"it isn’t just compact camera sales which have dropped 70% from their peak.... but DSLR sales which are dropping at an alarming rate as well.

Canon continue to place the blame for the shrinking DSLR market in a tricky world economy..."

Seems like Canon is still in constant self-denial, whilst they are about to kick the proverbial $$$€€€ bucket. So long, Canon. Sometimes, it has been quite nice... other times, not so much so.

No, the reason for DSLR sales falling is everyone uses their camera phone now and they take really good photos. So, blame Apple and Samsung, really.

Also DSLR and point and shoot cameras are all overly complex, fidgety gadgets full of arcane settings most consumers don't want to mess with. The products are terribly marketed in the USA and anyone who bought a DSLR in the past 4-5 years likely does not feel any need to upgrade unless they're a super-hardcore enthusiast.

What is needed are new takes on the camera, RX100 proved that. But even there, Sony has been short on new ideas since then—what are we on now, Mk IV? And it has spawned legions of copycats. I always liked the Olympus premiums better, XZ-series. But they don't have Sony's marketing dollar or brand recognition.

Japanese companies are just bad at innovating. And all America has given us is Lytro in this sector, a bad joke of beta hardware and software being perpetrated on people.


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sapporodan: The negativity for this camera is amazing.

Honestly I don't like it myself but ill at least ill wait until there are a lot of reviews and comparisons before I make a final judgement.

New to DPReview eh?

I mean look at this thing. How much do you wanna bet it's got dog-slow AF, a weak built-in flash, and overly complex menus? Plus it will be overpriced (read: over $1k).

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On article Shooting with the Canon PowerShot G3 X (322 comments in total)

Oh, Canon still makes cameras? Interesting, non-sexy contraption. I wonder who in their right mind will buy it. I guess Sony sold enough RX10 units that someone in Canon got their behind chewed out at a board-room meeting in Japan. And here is the uninspired result...

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