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On article Apple reveals 12.9-inch iPad Pro (212 comments in total)
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shutterbobby: Hmm have a Samsung Note pro 12.1'' with pen & 128GB memory for $600 the last 2 yrs ..& this is news??!!

abortabort- I said "that runs a secure operating system." Surface Pro runs Windows. Just because it has a touch screen and lacks a keyboard does not make using Surface an iPad-like experience. Watch some reviews of Surface, on YouTube, and see what it's really like to use. LOL.

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dark goob: It has FANS inside it? FANS? In a tablet? WTƒ?

I'm mystified. This is supposed to compete with iPad somehow?

<shakes head>

I'd be surprised if it survived for a year. It's not even solid state! It has moving parts INSIDE! FANS! lolol

HowaboutRAW is wrong about glue. At least when it comes to the structure of the machine, on MacBook Pro no glue is used whatsoever. One of its primary advantages is its unibody construction. Its main body is literally a single piece of metal plus a single flat bottom cover. They are tanks. I've disassembled several of them.

All logic boards, on the other hand, probably have some kind of glue somewhere; I'm no expert, but I think all microchips are glued together inside.

There are very few lemon Macs, but it does happen. No platform is free from such things. I had one lemon Mac, which was actually NVIDIA's fault because they made the defective GPUs (8600M series).

Other than that, for me, my Macs have been rock solid. My 2009 Mac Pro has been turned on almost continuously for 6 years and never crashed once. My 2012 MacBook Pro has also been rock solid, and I dropped it, twice. No problems whatsoever.

If you still have a problem with a Mac I'd be glad to help. PM me.

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dark goob: It has FANS inside it? FANS? In a tablet? WTƒ?

I'm mystified. This is supposed to compete with iPad somehow?

<shakes head>

I'd be surprised if it survived for a year. It's not even solid state! It has moving parts INSIDE! FANS! lolol

iPad and MacBook do not have fans.

MacBook Pro and Air do have fans.

I think fans are fine in a notebook... but in a tablet? Are you kidding me? I guess I just don't understand, but OK, whatever.

I'm not saying Surface is a terrible product, I'm just saying it is not in the same product category as iPad. And I do not think Microsoft meant it to be.

I am glad Microsoft is trying to innovate and do some thing good. I'm really happy with my XBOX One, and I like how Microsoft's "Office" line of products works on all platforms.

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Greg Lovern: 3:2 aspect ratio again. I’m looking forward to that aspect ratio spreading to more laptops. 3:2 comes out to roughly 16:11, about 20% taller than the 16:9 of most laptops today.

I prefer 4:3. But then again, I shoot Olympus :D

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Antonlm: Serious price but serious tablet.

Yes but a MacBook Air doesn't run require you to run Windows. Also a MacBook Air has vastly superior build quality and much more secure and private operating system. And it has PCIe-based flash storage, which is much faster.

I guess I am fine with it if people like you don't understand or appreciate the reasons why so many people left PC in the first place, or why those of us who started on Mac in 1984 still prefer OS X and never saw a reason to switch.

But I guarantee you if I buy a MacBook Air today, in 3 years I can sell it on craigslist and get a lot more for it than I would get out of any other brand of computer after the same amount of time. That's what I typically do, buy a new one every 2 or 3 years, and it's treated me very well.

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Lan: I look forward to reviews showing well (or otherwise) this can perform image editing tasks in Photoshop.

Of particular interest would be the ability to calibrate the screen; so it would be nice to see the Delta-E numbers too.

On the whole, it looks like it could be an excellent device!

Eiffel- the question I have is why would you want it instead of a laptop? All the software is Windows based, so very little of it is particularly touch-optimized. You're forced to do everything with a stylus then?

Seriously watch this video review of the 3, which is from a professional artist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgfzm1g3lv4

He concludes that the Surface Pro 3 was a decent replacement for a Wacom Cintiq. He found that he needed a mouse and keyboard attached to really get much use out of it.

I kind of feel like Surface is where you are going to be taking certain files to do the kind of specialized retouching work that a pressure-sensitive stylus is best for (airbrushing models and the like, I guess?). Then do your color correction back on a PC with a calibrated monitor.

If you want to do this in the full Photoshop I could see why Surface would be nice, just don't see how it would replace what I do with an iPad. Good Cintiq replacement though.

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Biowizard: Have the fixed the happy-snappy, break-off kickstand yet? The one that "cannot be replaced"? All that money resting (literally) on a couple of flimsy pins puts me right off.


Biowizard: no they haven't.

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nerd2: Nice tablet but simply priced wrong. I need minimum 8GB ram and 256GB storage for any productivity tasks and they charge $300 premium for that? No thanks.

And the surface book costs even more, $1699 for 8GB/256GB configuration... I thought apple pricing was terrible and MS one is worse.

nerd2—The difference is that Apple costs a lot, but it also has a very high resale value.

With this junk, you buy it and it's worth nothing in a couple of years.

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Dirk Nuary: 16GB RAM, really?

I wonder if they've fixed the issue with the Pro 3 where the glue would melt and it slowly comes apart on you. (Yeah, they're glued together inside. Cough.)

I also wonder if they solved all the overheating issues. I noticed they put a bunch of fans inside this thing. That's ... interesting. Not sure how I feel about an i7 chip in a thing that thin, with those thin little fans.

What happens if you put it in a protective case? Does it have to have fan vents? What if it traps in too much heat? O.o

I'm sure it's fine with the low-end processor but I think with an i7, I'd prefer to have an actual laptop at that point. The idea of Photosohp with a tablet interface is intriguing for sure, but doesn't that version of Photoshop require a pointing device? Like if you don't have the stylus and keyboard then can it be used with just a finger? Are the controls going to be pretty microscopic to work with on the screen using that little stylus?

I thought Surface was for students and offices.

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Michael Ma: I hate the fact that you can get 1TB on the Surface Pro 4, but only 512GB on the Surface Book which is arguably more Pro that would require more storage space. C'mon Microsoft, always giving me a reason to hold off on my purchase. I waited a year to get 16GB RAM on it. Now another reason to wait. See you next year...maybe.

photo_rb—I've installed and configured more Windows PCs, kiosks, and industrial equipment at the enterprise level than most people have probably seen, total, in their entire lives. I know Windows like the back of my hand...

... which is why I can't understand the appeal of Surface, except to a very narrow niche. I'd honestly like to know what your use-case scenario for it is. What do you do with a Surface? Why is it better to do it on a surface than, say, a top-end Dell Precision laptop? Or a Samsung Galaxy Tab 12.2? Etc.?

I would never configure 1700 airline ticketing kiosks using Android or iOS. Maybe linux, but I prefer Windows for kiosks.

But guys, Surface runs Windows. Why is that good? Why would that remotely put it in the same product category as iPad, which runs a mobile-centric, purely touch-based OS optimized 100% for tablet use?

I get that Microsoft is trying to do something different enough from iPad to appeal to people that iPad does not appeal to. I just wonder who.

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