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I have their previous 44", the ipf8300, and it's PHENOMENAL. Canon's support is also great; three times they replaced heads for free out of warranty for me. I thought that was pretty amazing. Their papers selection is also great, although I will really miss that heavyweight satin. Put this with a vacuum press dry mounting system from Hot Press co. (UK, by thru Drytac the glass top model) and you've got an amazing setup for large format printing.

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cookedraw: SONY make the best sensors, right ?
Samsung makes fastest phones with best screens, win win

Unfortunately it runs Android OS, meaning within two years you will no longer receive any updates and you might as well just post all your passwords on 4chan because your device could get hacked at any moment.

They have nice screens though.

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Is it weatherproof?

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On article Samsung launches Galaxy TabPro S Windows tablet (98 comments in total)

So where are all the Windows fanboys saying they copied surface?

This is much more like Surface than the iPad Pro, which is a completely different product category. Yet no fanboys... still some Apple haters though, I see.

Sigh. At least be consistent.

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On article Kodak revives Super 8 with part-digital cine camera (362 comments in total)

/me checks calendar
calendar says 4/1/2016


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Thuravi Kumaaran: Even though all the Nations put an over coat named Globalization, most of them have secret agendas to promote their own products or getting more benefits from the other country made products, except the third world countries.

So the recent hidden flow of support for Apple might have damaged Samsung.

Samsung doesn’t have the marketing technique (Boosting, saying lies, giving good commission, etc.) which Sony has.

Steve Job’s Apple is supposed to be an innovative company, but the bitten apple symbol denotes the force behind it. Why this duality. Better they change the negative symbol to a positive symbol Apple or change the name as Bitten Apple

LOL, if it weren't for Apple we'd all be using DOS on phones with little keyboards and still buying music on CD. Be thankful

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CosminMunteanu: In the eventuality Samsung exits the camera business, it will bring of course less options for customers. Less competition is never good :-( (obviously) Unfortunately so many camera, lens and "sensor" makers like in the '70 and early '80 we won't see any time soon :-( (Nikon, Pentax, Canon, Minolta, Olympus, Leica (expensive but not so expensive as today), Konica, Petri, Miranda (not the Cosina made ;-)), Mamiya (35mm), Topcon, Fujica, Chinon, Ricoh, Cosina & the russian ones. Concerning the sensors: Agfa, Fujifilm, Kodak, Ferania, Ilford, Fomapan, etc.

Don't forget Apple

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On article Apple reveals 12.9-inch iPad Pro (212 comments in total)
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///M: A few problems: iPad screens are way off in calibration, forget editing photos with critical color management, will be great for editing for Instagram. Try managing files with iOS, total PIA. iPads and iOS were designed for content consumption, not creation, at least not in any way resembling efficiency. Nice e-reader, video playback, game playing device though.

Superfly, Surface Pro is totally irrelevant to iPad, they are utterly different categories of device. Surface is a PC laptop without a keyboard running Windows with all its non-touch-optimized software that's not optimized for battery life. iPad is a tablet running ONLY touch-optimized software that IS optimized for battery life.

Surface (and all the touch-screen PC laptopy tablety things) are competitors to MacBook, not iPad. The fact that they added touch to these devices like Surface was because Microsoft is incapable of creating a true touch-based system like iOS.

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justmeMN: In contrast, Microsoft states that with their Surface Pro 3 "Install your favorite Windows desktop software, including the entire Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe® Photoshop®."

Source: http://www.microsoft.com/surface/en-us/products/surface-pro-3

LOL, don't you understand? Surface is just a touchscreen PC laptop without a keyboard. It's not an iPad competitor. Why do Windows people always think Surface is somehow a competitor to iPad?

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On article Apple reveals 12.9-inch iPad Pro (212 comments in total)
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shutterbobby: Hmm have a Samsung Note pro 12.1'' with pen & 128GB memory for $600 the last 2 yrs ..& this is news??!!

abortabort- I said "that runs a secure operating system." Surface Pro runs Windows. Just because it has a touch screen and lacks a keyboard does not make using Surface an iPad-like experience. Watch some reviews of Surface, on YouTube, and see what it's really like to use. LOL.

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dark goob: It has FANS inside it? FANS? In a tablet? WTƒ?

I'm mystified. This is supposed to compete with iPad somehow?

<shakes head>

I'd be surprised if it survived for a year. It's not even solid state! It has moving parts INSIDE! FANS! lolol

HowaboutRAW is wrong about glue. At least when it comes to the structure of the machine, on MacBook Pro no glue is used whatsoever. One of its primary advantages is its unibody construction. Its main body is literally a single piece of metal plus a single flat bottom cover. They are tanks. I've disassembled several of them.

All logic boards, on the other hand, probably have some kind of glue somewhere; I'm no expert, but I think all microchips are glued together inside.

There are very few lemon Macs, but it does happen. No platform is free from such things. I had one lemon Mac, which was actually NVIDIA's fault because they made the defective GPUs (8600M series).

Other than that, for me, my Macs have been rock solid. My 2009 Mac Pro has been turned on almost continuously for 6 years and never crashed once. My 2012 MacBook Pro has also been rock solid, and I dropped it, twice. No problems whatsoever.

If you still have a problem with a Mac I'd be glad to help. PM me.

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dark goob: It has FANS inside it? FANS? In a tablet? WTƒ?

I'm mystified. This is supposed to compete with iPad somehow?

<shakes head>

I'd be surprised if it survived for a year. It's not even solid state! It has moving parts INSIDE! FANS! lolol

iPad and MacBook do not have fans.

MacBook Pro and Air do have fans.

I think fans are fine in a notebook... but in a tablet? Are you kidding me? I guess I just don't understand, but OK, whatever.

I'm not saying Surface is a terrible product, I'm just saying it is not in the same product category as iPad. And I do not think Microsoft meant it to be.

I am glad Microsoft is trying to innovate and do some thing good. I'm really happy with my XBOX One, and I like how Microsoft's "Office" line of products works on all platforms.

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Greg Lovern: 3:2 aspect ratio again. I’m looking forward to that aspect ratio spreading to more laptops. 3:2 comes out to roughly 16:11, about 20% taller than the 16:9 of most laptops today.

I prefer 4:3. But then again, I shoot Olympus :D

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