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Veselin Gramatikov: 3000$ for 400 5.6 equivalent or 300/4.0 equivalent on APS-C body :) C`moon.

They say light gathering is the same as 2.8 lens on Full Frame camera. Yeah it is but the sensor is smaller so we must apply aperature equivalent too.
So that`s it 3000$ for 400 5.6 or 300/4.0 on APS-C.

G9 seems to be great photo and video camera but with this prices. Thank you :)) For telephoto work still i prefer Nikon d500 and 300/4.0 or 200-500 5.6 lens.

Dude. The 200 2.8 is gonna autofocus in much lower light than any f/4 lens, let alone a 300 f/4. Plus the D500 mirror eats a lot of light before it even gets to the AF sensor, and your D500 cannot AF while the mirror is moving.

You do get some live view AF in D500 but good luck shooting action in low light with that or having it AF smooth in video.

Meanwhile this 200 2.8 does video or stills in low light like a pro and has Leica glass. They don’t just write “Leica” on the side. I several of the Leica primes for MFT and they are phenomenal in terms of color and contrast.

There is really no comparison here, you are smoking crack!

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Peter Horn: This looks like a promising product. What's bothering me, though, apart of the price, are the physical dimensions. For comparison: I still own a Nikon 2.8/180 ED IF. It has impeccable image quality, but slow screw-driven autofocus, and, of course no stabilization. On the other hand it weighs in at approximately 750 g , filter size is 72 mm. And it is a full frame lens! – In the Micro 4/3 universe there is a gap between tiny, plasticky consumer lenses and big premium Pro gear that is excellent, expensive – and big in relation to sensor size. One of the few exceptions is the 1.8/75 from Olympus, not cheap but very good and not huge. I wish there were more options like this in the tele range. Perhaps something like a 135/3.5? – In the meantime I keep using my 2.8/100 OM with adapter.

mosc you are wrong. 300 f/4 is not a good comparison; it’s an f/4, not a 2.8.

yes a 300 at f/4 on aps/c gives you the same depth of field and angle of view as 200 at 2.8 on a FourThirds sensor.

but the light intensity of any f/2.8 lens on any camera is much brighter than f/4, and light intensify affects the ability to autofocus and the speed and accuracy of autofocus.

in other words a camera with a 300 f/4 will focus slower especially in low light.

i hope you understand this is part of the advantage of shooting MicroFourThirds.

my 25 f/1.2 may only really be like a 50 f/2.8 on a 135-format sensor, in terms of DoF and AoV. but it can focus in almost any light.

it is true that mirrorless does not block some of the light with a mirror but this is on top of that.

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JohnNEX: Nikon 200mm f/4: $1,800
Nikon 200mm f/2: $5,700
Canon 200mm f/2: $5,700

$3,000 for a 200mm f/2.8 does not seem terribly inconsistent with these.

The much cheaper Canon 200mm f/2.8 ($750) was released over 20 years ago and is therefore not a reasonable comparison for price.

It’s a 2.8, not a 4. That means it can focus in lower lighting conditions than an f/4, and will generally focus faster as well.

It’s not all just about the “equivalencies”. Light intensity is an absolute.

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So i guess that means there are a lot of pictures of your mom floating around out there.

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The real question is, how well does it work on boobies?

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Bobthearch: What could possibly be Zillo's defense?

Well the defense would likely be that, like youtube, they are simply a site where users post content. If nobody sends them a DMCA takedown notice then they cannot reasonably be expected to police all their images. There are just too many. Now if they got a takedown notice but left up the content, that's another story.

Either way, Zillow is overall a great company. I have friends who work there and they are good people. I'm sure this will get cleared up in time.

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"Hey honey, hang on while I uh... just a sec... lemme get the, uh, oh where is the rail clamp?!"


"What are you doing dear?"


"I've just got to assemble the viewfinder and grips, one moment.."


"Alright! Ready! Say chee- wait, where are you honey?"

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Proof that marinuana is legal in Seattle.

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Whatever would we do without DPReview?

How far the great have fallen.

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Can't make profit? Sell accessories

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Sony also did this to another Japanese "N" company: Nintendo.

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Iloveaircraftnoise: The mirrorless tech heads are jumping for joy with this news.... And they have become slightly more conspicuous around town of late...

They're the ones with a big bag of batteries strapped around their waist.

You're implying that consumers use these things after buying them.

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Kabe Luna: Apple would benefit from the realization that these are creative tools not art objects. At the end of the day, these things need to be practical.

Over time I came to realize the core idea of this cylinder is fine: instead of one case that holds, powers, and cools everything inside itself, it should be much more efficient to have a central CPU unit like this cylinder Mac Pro, and then have everything else powered and cooled seperately via Thunderbolt cables.

But the problem is it's also much more expensive for the user to buy all hard drives, optical drives, and PCI chassis as external pieces. Plus now you have many more cables and connectors that can wear out over time.

That said, there's a growing trend towards external GPUs now that Thunderbolt 3 is finally as fast as real PCI slots. Having the GPU be external gives many advantages from a cooling and upgradeability perspective. It's way easier to cool the GPU if it is not sitting inches away from a CPU trapped in the same enclosed space.

I suspect that the "corner" Apple painted itself into—the main mistake of the new Mac Pro's design—was making the GPU internal with proprietary slots. I suspect the problem Apple ran into was getting AMD to agree to make updated versions of those custom GPU cards when the market is demanding monsters like NVIDIA Titan.

So I suspect we will see something modular where the GPU is external (but I pray not built into the monitor). Ideally this eGPU can work with any Thunderbolt 3 Mac. And the Mac Pro would be a smaller version of the old towers, focused more on lots of storage, RAM, and CPU power with good upgradability and none of the custom CPUs without heat spreaders, like the old ones.

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Bobbert1: Apple has killed the iMac with is dumbing down to interact with the iPad and iPhone from what I saw on the 21.5 inch you can't even change you own memory anymore and from what I've seen in Seirra you loose control of somethings in disc utility. The iMac pro is not inovation it's down grading it. There just taking things away so you have to spend more money, That's not technology that's just greed. They need a new CEO with some vision.

I am available for hire

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GiovanniB: My issue with Apple is not about hardware in the first place. But with their attitude towards pro users in general, particularly visible in how they dealt with their Pro Apps, including, but not limited to, Aperture.

I totally agree. They emphasized getting everything centered around iCloud as opposed to catering to pro users. It's this insanity that has gripped the whole industry for awhile.

But I blame Tim Cook most of all. He is very detached from caring about the front lines of users in a way that Steve never was. Steve cared deeply about the Mac, as it was his child. Steve would have never let the Mac Pro go without updates for that long... it was insane!!!

Many of us would have been quite happy with a cheaper Core i7 variant. There are so many things upsetting about it. I just try to keep sane.

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DavidsfotosDotCom: To DtEW below: If I go to France I want to experience French culture, wine & FRENCH women etc not a country overrun with NON integrating, creepy intolerant burka wearing disgruntled radical muslims! If I want that I can go to parts of india where they are killing Hindus & Christians. This has nothing to do with Trump, but a by product of half baked Globalization. ie N. African (muslims?) grouping & raping hundreds of women in Germany at a festival within the last year. Sorry if you entered this country with boundaries illegally. Don't need a bunch of fat short Mayans messing up the great Mexican cuisine & culture here.

Friend, the Muslims didn't want the French in their countries, either. But that didn't stop the French imperialists from killing hundreds of thousands of Algerians, Tunisians, Libyans... whatever is happening now is what is best known as "just deserts" and "you reap what you sow." Read a history book or two, or even just wikipedia, before posting again please. The human species is just messed up and always will be. If you got rid of Muslims people would just find another boogeyman.

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Lee Jay: Very cool, but there's a little piece of this that's really unfortunate. But 99% of people (at least) would never notice.

What piece is unfortunate?

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WesPerry: Not super useful for me. I remap all the keys I use most to the two extremities of the keyboard, then memorize said keys so I don't have to move my hands while culling, and have a minimum of motion while editing. Saves a ton of time and strain. Not everyone edits the same way, so it makes little sense to follow the cookie cutter approach.
Just my $0.02

My fingers can reach anywhere on the keyboard so to me it doesn't matter. Bug hands...

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The shallow depth of field was idiotic for that shot of the keyboard. Lets see all of it... jeez. Not every picture is an F-stop girth contest.

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Tombstone will read:

Here lies Nikon: the Sega of cameras. Killed by Sony in 2018. RIP

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