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DavidsfotosDotCom: To DtEW below: If I go to France I want to experience French culture, wine & FRENCH women etc not a country overrun with NON integrating, creepy intolerant burka wearing disgruntled radical muslims! If I want that I can go to parts of india where they are killing Hindus & Christians. This has nothing to do with Trump, but a by product of half baked Globalization. ie N. African (muslims?) grouping & raping hundreds of women in Germany at a festival within the last year. Sorry if you entered this country with boundaries illegally. Don't need a bunch of fat short Mayans messing up the great Mexican cuisine & culture here.

Friend, the Muslims didn't want the French in their countries, either. But that didn't stop the French imperialists from killing hundreds of thousands of Algerians, Tunisians, Libyans... whatever is happening now is what is best known as "just deserts" and "you reap what you sow." Read a history book or two, or even just wikipedia, before posting again please. The human species is just messed up and always will be. If you got rid of Muslims people would just find another boogeyman.

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Lee Jay: Very cool, but there's a little piece of this that's really unfortunate. But 99% of people (at least) would never notice.

What piece is unfortunate?

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WesPerry: Not super useful for me. I remap all the keys I use most to the two extremities of the keyboard, then memorize said keys so I don't have to move my hands while culling, and have a minimum of motion while editing. Saves a ton of time and strain. Not everyone edits the same way, so it makes little sense to follow the cookie cutter approach.
Just my $0.02

My fingers can reach anywhere on the keyboard so to me it doesn't matter. Bug hands...

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The shallow depth of field was idiotic for that shot of the keyboard. Lets see all of it... jeez. Not every picture is an F-stop girth contest.

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Tombstone will read:

Here lies Nikon: the Sega of cameras. Killed by Sony in 2018. RIP

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It has scientific and archival uses that some are willing to pay handsomely for. This is not aimed at consumers.

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Really, DPReview? Now posting random microchip news just because it can process video? Digging deep...

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Mariano Pacifico: Oh, my, my, my! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! DJI bought Hasselblad. China bought SAAB drivetrain. iPhone manufactured in China. Samyang/Rokinon 12mm ultra-sharp in any benchmark. We have another LeiChi, a Leica look-alike Yl made-in-China. Go East young man! Go East!

Trump will make China give it back. And then build a wall. Oh wait, they already built the wall. Maybe the USA succeeds in sending Trump back in time to ancient China.

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In fact I think this is an irresponsible headline on DPreview's part. It doesn't guve any context to the problem and makes it sound like a very widespread problem, when it may have been a tiny handful of devices with a faulty component.

How many reports are we talking here? 5 or 10 out of millions? Is that even worth reporting, since surely there are normally at least that many defective units in ANY run of cameras from ANY manufacturer?

Or is it that DPreview, being owned by Amazon, is deliberately trying to smear Apple's reputation?

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bugsy46: Happened to my 7 Plus pretty much out of the box, took a few videos and images around London, then the next day black screen and dodgy colours. Within a few hours I had contacted 8 users through twitter all with the exact same issue. Two of them had the camera replaced, one worked one didn't, the rest received new handsets.

Planar Summilux - It has a pretty good camera. But also the apps are great. Plus they are by far the fastest smartphones in terms of single core performance, which makes the biggest impact on day-to-day use. The combination makes them superior over all. Also if you are a software dev, I think you'll find Apple's dev tools are much better, making the device over all much easier to customize (by writing your own apps). A jailbroken iPhone can be further customized with almost infinite variety.

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I have not had any issues at all with my iPhone 7 Plus (Jet Black 256 gb). Shot plenty of video and such.

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bubblyboo: Why the sudden article? This concept was introduced over a year ago.

Meme lag on the order of 31536000000 milliseconds.

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But with 50x zoom, you can still see inside US

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goblin: Is this some sneaky advertisement suggesting that the handful of remaining users at Yahoo all beat the Guiness record by holding 80+ million accounts each ?

No, it's just a public service announcement reminding you of why to change all your passwords every three months.

But then again, you're not an idiot, so you already do that, right?

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Petrogel: What have happened to Yahoo it "might" have already happened to Google and who knows? .. maybe we'll learn about it in a couple of years, Apple is giving all the information to everybody who'll pay for it, and will upload an article pretending the opposite (like giving FBI hard time, unlocking an iPhone....... really? ) , as for windows 10 ....... ok !!!!
-someone need to be really naive to believe of the opposite-

There is no security anywhere, period.

But when a bank gets robbed you don't suddenly see everyone saying, DONT USE BANKS THEIR INSECURE DERP.

Security has never been a guarantee. It's just a reduction of odds.

Change your passwords every 3 months and crap like this is really a non-issue.

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eyeport: Whoever came up with this new apple mbp design (port removal) should be fired. Terrible taste and simply makes this machine unlikeable. It shows how incapable the decision makers are at Apple.

Apple is no longer the leader. Just look at the keynote and also MS product launch event, Apple used to claim their products were the best but now only claim that this is the best MacBook/iphone/whatever ever made instead of the best in the market. Yes that best in the market phase is now being used by MS.

Apple had some beautiful ideas and products but nothing really inspiring after Jobs I am sorry to say. It was once a leader and now a follower.

It's a laptop with the equivalent of four full PCI slots. You can hook up an external PCI card housing and have a full desktop graphics card. Don't ya get it?

It's the future.

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On article Apple revamps MacBook Pro lineup, adds 'Touch Bar' (866 comments in total)
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MikeFairbanks: I have a 2015 MBP. It's great.

Did this new one really get rid of the magnetic plug-in power cord? That was a genius move that they bragged about on their careers page for years.

Also you can buy a thing for $40 that turns USB-C into a magsafe type thing: https://jet.com/product/detail/98fdd5d3b9e84ad7a92028ce22319b2f?jcmp=pla:ggl:gen_electronics_a2:electronics_accessories_cables_system_power_cables_a2_other:na:PLA_348771660_24231190620_pla-182940800940:na:na:na:2&code=PLA15&ds_c=gen_electronics_a2&ds_cid=&ds_ag=electronics_accessories_cables_system_power_cables_a2_other&product_id=98fdd5d3b9e84ad7a92028ce22319b2f&product_partition_id=182940800940&gclid=CKeN2OH8_s8CFQSTfgodK_cJLg&gclsrc=aw.ds

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JBrown86: Absolutely LOVE my 1 year old MacBook Pro but this really is a giant step backwards.

With no USB ports or Magsafe, i would NEVER consider this product as an option.

With a cat and a dog running around our house, my Magsafe has save my laptop time and time again.

Get your act together Apple.....please, i don't ever want to buy a Windows product.....ever!

Europe banned proprietary charging ports, so bye bye Magsafe. Not Apple's fault. But you'll be able to get a dongle that sticks in USB-C and has a magnetic deal on the other side for charging, like this company makes for Lightning:

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On article Apple revamps MacBook Pro lineup, adds 'Touch Bar' (866 comments in total)
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MikeFairbanks: I have a 2015 MBP. It's great.

Did this new one really get rid of the magnetic plug-in power cord? That was a genius move that they bragged about on their careers page for years.

It's because EU is requiring all devices to standardize on the charging port. So Apple is not allowed to have a proprietary charger anymore. Thanks, Europe.

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On article Apple revamps MacBook Pro lineup, adds 'Touch Bar' (866 comments in total)
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noflashplease: Four USB C/Thunderbolt ports? How awesome is that?

In all seriousness, the double sided USB C port is the standard of the future. It's a great idea that deserves universal implementation. I'm not thrilled by the prospect of dongles, but with this level of redundancy, I'm more than willing to make the jump.

The sad reality is that we live in an aging society and single sided USB plugs are just too difficult for the elderly and mobility impaired. Kudos to Apple for getting serious about USB C. Now if only they'd gone to USB C with the iPhone 7 and eliminated the unshielded, fire hazard Lightning port.

It's a laptop with the equivalent of four full speed PCI slots. You can hook up external GPUs with just a cable and have ultra performance for games or rendering. The screen has full Adobe colorspace. You can get it with a 2TB SSD that does 3.1 Gb/sec.

Yet all people can do is whine, and moan.

Someone will make a USB-C to magsafe adapter.

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