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  • Well, then I misinterpreted this reply. Maybe 'the oldest sensor is worth for you is the 16mp one (...) would have helped.
  • No, the oldest m43 sensor either in Olympus body or in Panasonic is the 12mp sensor from Panasonic. Examples: Olympus E-P1, E-PL1, E-P2, E-P3, E-PM1 etc. Panasonic GF1, GF2, GF3, G1, G2.
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    Also don't forget this:


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    I'm also very interested in your portrait results with gx80. To be honest, I don't expect good results unfortunately. I checked portraits with gx80 on flickr, and while they are sharp and the ...
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    Thank you for replying my post. I am happy that there are a few people who observed the same phenomenon as me. I would be more interested in your theory about the contrast resolution curve. Could ...
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    No, it does not. GF1 has a beautifully noise-free rendering at ISO100 I am yet to see with the new sensors. I really think that it is the better microcontrast. And I don't even say, that it is true ...
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  • I am sure too. The Olympus E-1 which is a very beloved camera has only 5mp. Pixel density is a bit larger than on Canon 5d markII. However, I also think that it is only one attribute that counts.
  • I am always astonished by the colors of these old 4/3 Olys! I was amazed so much, that half a year ago I was seriously considering of buying one. So warm, and still, beautifully balanced colors! ...
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    It was me who claimed this, so let me answer. First of all, I can't say anything about E-PM1 or GF5. My experience is covering GF1, GF2, E-M5, G5. I used all of them a lot. Based on this, I liked ...
  • I'm not a fan of this processing, sorry. When they made Silver Effex free for everyone, I downloaded it, tried it, and really did not understand the hype. It makes a very similar effect to when ...
  • Thanks! :) Check out my homepage if you are interested in similar portraits: http://peterdegay.wix.com/photos
  • Well, the 25 f1.4 has a moderate vignetting at f1.4, which is about right for getting that look in my experience.
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    Well, I think that the truth may be a mix of what you wrote and what I wrote.  Yes, the noise pattern is very smooth below ISO 400, I agree. And that is in connection with an other observation of ...
  • Completely agree. He does not care or does not notice, well, he is a lucky one from one point of view. I, unfortunately see the differences between for e.g. my GF1 and my former OM-D, and ...
  • Maybe I did not answer to your question, so: maybe I prefer the GF1's pop to the E-P1/P3 a bit, but I also prefer the rendering of the old Pens to the OM-Ds or any 16mp Pens.
  • Well, I have little experience with 12mp Olympus bodies. I had P1 for a few months, and also P3 for half a year. I liked them a lot. The P1 had a special rendering, and the P3 was very-very sharp. ...
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    Thanks, jhunna. All of these are jpeg OOC-s. I use "Dynamic b&w", which was a very popular preset in GF1 those times, and many complained that Panasonic skipped it from the next cameras. It's not ...
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    Could you post a few examples? I really like my GF1 + DG 25 f1.4 combo for b&w photography, but I don't know whether it really is a "Leica-look".
  • As others already wrote, at f1.8 it is not that sharp when you focus on further subjects, but far from soft. Decently sharp when shoot portraits (closer subjects). Check out these:
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