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Marty4650: Isn't it just a lot cheaper and easier to buy a real camera?

I just don't understand this bizarre need to convert a cell phone into a real camera, without much regard for the resulting size, cost or weight. Are people doing this just to prove "it can be done?"

well, the processors used inside phones are increasingly becoming the primary location of software and hardware development. phones have nice UI's too

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dpreview knows that the best way to spur discussion is to incite the technical indignation of photo gear heads

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tkbslc: Why does it seem like only Apple based computer hardware makes it to the news feed?

i suppose apple's pretty popular with people who work with image/video editing software

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Sarah Terra: Lol, love the picture for the simple fact it angers liberals. You can look forward to many many of these shots from me in the future.

will everyone just die already you freaking humans are trash

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iphone 7 lens is either out of focus, has a terrible field curvature, or is simply really bad anywhere beyond the center. wish there were a lg g4/g5 comparison

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fyngyrz: Lossy image saving methods are fairly described as "image damaging methodologies."

Other than use as thumbnails.... ugh.

Lol love dpreview image snobbery. Destroyed image oooh jpeg so bad! World would be a better place if we transmitted 10 times more redundant data, think of all the profits for the phone companies wireless internet plans

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On article GoPro to cut 270 jobs as part of restructuring effort (79 comments in total)

I never understood how they employed so many people around one relatively simple set of products.. I suppose the simplest explanation is it was smoke and mirrors to inflate the stock price so the CEO could buy a 20 million dollar body, but man seriously what were investors thinking they were gonna be another redbull?

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On article Fujifilm X100F Review (783 comments in total)

tape up your diopter wheel if you don't like dust in the viewfinder!


-x100s with dusty viewfinder owner

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predator-vision. i was thinking this was going to be infrared vision with BWANG BWEOING sound effects

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i like the results of rawtherapee wavelet sharpening on my fuji xtrans raw conversions. less halo-ing and grit than when I use r-l deconvolution while still yielding extreme levels of detail

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woo organic sensor fuji-x my next camera upgrade!

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On article F is for '4th': Hands-on with Fujifilm X100F (424 comments in total)

tape up the diopter adjustment wheel folks if you get one of these x100 series cameras.. bunch of dust in the OVF is probably my biggest gripe with my x100s

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Photomonkey: It seems that DPR is a great place to lose perspective.

"It is not MF!!"
Until very recently, the vast bulk of sensors for the classic MF cameras were all smaller than 645 film(which itself was frequently sneered at by 6x6 and 6x7 users).

"Way too much money" The Nikon D5 $6500 the Canon 1Dxmk2 is $6000. Premium lenses in both their lines sell for $1500 and up. Fuji, Pentax, Canon and Nikon are very cognizant of who is buying those cameras and they know the bulk are amateurs.

They also know that the bulk of amateurs shoot landscapes (many with cats) or scenes not requiring extreme lenses. They also know that pros using or aspiring to MF are, for the most part, not looking for extreme lenses.

Thus the stars align for the GFX and the 645z and X1-D.
While many will squawk at the price/features and make comparisons to other cameras that buttress their position, Fuji and Hasselblad will work furiously to meet demand and reduce the waiting lists.

hey bro my camera investment is a reflection my being nobody better dare question my selfrationalization

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On article F is for '4th': Hands-on with Fujifilm X100F (424 comments in total)
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veliev: I have always loved the X100 cameras, but they don't make much practical sense knowing that an X-T10 and the X-T20 with the 27mm lens ads up to about the same package.
And when the body ages, you don't have to throw the lens away with it.

ovf + 3 stop builtin ndf + high speed shutter sync + (virtually) silent shutter are practical things that perhaps aren't worth $1300 but aren't substitutable

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shigzeo: Why?

why would asians like this kind of thing more than non-asians?

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mirage trio just hit advertising gold for a simple product that might possibly be construed as nothing more than a (very) cheap gimmick. congrats mirage trio!

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now wakelocks can be safely ignored!

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NaBalam: Wow he must have one hell of a camera


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NaBalam: Wow he must have one hell of a camera

for just a few hundred dollars anyone can own 'one hell of a camera' these days. no joke the cheapest shittiest DSLR/mirrorless you can get today is probably far superior in image quality performance to the best most expensive digital cam from even probably 8 years ago. you could go back in time with one of these $350 joke cameras that people love to poo-poo on these forums and wipe the butt of the most snobbiest gear jerk cruising forums with his ultra quality $5000 camera

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On article Fujifilm launches X-A10 as entry-level X-series model (166 comments in total)
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cosinaphile: further you would think someone at fuji would stop bragging about skin smoothing processing considering all the negative press over waxy skin tones

proofread those press releases guys

detail-hoarders aren't their target audience esp. with this camera.

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