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enhance until it matches a known criminal license plate/face/fingerprint/adversary boom done

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treakj: Why, even though I know that I will not get a better image by purchasing a shiny new machine, do I still crave for it? I hate technology!

hate the marketing and hype not the tech itself. kill the messenger

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On article Fujifilm X-E3 Review (736 comments in total)
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Mike FL: X-E3 is inflating ISO by looking the ISO-200 RAW for example, all 4 set to f/5.6. look the shutter speed, X-E3 inflates the speed for a FULL stop comparing to NIKON.

Very BAD.

DPR should correct the Lab testing as did before for RAWs, or it is bad testing as it is now.

No good.

i love fuji ISO highlight protection how generous of them to change their standards with the introduction of x-trans in 2012 in the name of consumer benefits how often do you see corporations looking out for their users' blown highlights what angels

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I think this is one area that will continue to improve, i am amazed by how well hdr blend works on my lg g5 running the hacked version of Google camera, it's not perfect sure but dang it does a great job in many situations, even though it's not even specifically designed for this phone!

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god i love the complaints about capacity improvements like we're better off shrinking drives to reduce the amount of possible data loss i mean wth are companies thinking we need more space?

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the ol jizzeye eh? god i'm so immature

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PabloSRT8: And what about Red?
RED Helium 8K DxOMark Sensor Score: 108

cooking is skilled work, chefs make a lot of money just to 'cook' and perhaps red's culinary efforts are actually worth the respect they are given

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wooo the q is still going!!!

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throw the computer in the trash BOOM 0% failure rate whadya got on me now?!

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dpreview: pah unless it's FF gigasexels f1/0 it's garbage

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James Pilcher: It seems every other camera phone introduced tops the DXO Mark charts. I'm exaggerating, but it sure feels that way. What's the point if everything is "the best?"

well one point is that mfg'ers keep improving which is a good thing. at least they aren't backsliding. still some ways to go before we top out, probably. it's a good time in smartphone tech world lotta money going into the development of these cameras and software, exciting times. eventually it'll top out and become like the dslr world where things have topped out and improvements are marginal at best. maybe. kinda is there already but software can still improve i'm sure. google camera app HDR is pretty impressive in my opinion, things like this are still in dev

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On article Fujifilm X-A10 sample gallery (165 comments in total)
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Mateus1: X-Trans renders colour differently then Bayer that look more natural. X-Trans renders colours artificialy with "digital" feel. That's why I have never liked landscapes taken with X-Trans, they look like made in computer though many like its unnatural look. If I had to choose Fuji for landcape I wold buy X-A2/3 with 18/2, 35/1.4, 60/2.4 and 90/2 (best fuji primes with the "soul") or Touits. Or GFX.

i guess you like the samples here then because this camera is bayer? they do like nice

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my artificial intelligence can see right through that watermark even though it's of low quality

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Boris F: It's funny, statement title. Even Pixel XL samples (taken from Dpreviev review) looks ridiculously poor compare even to a cheap 8-10 years old point and shoot cameras.

Yes, smartphone camera is very useful, instant to share, huge market that create competition and improvements. But it is still far away in a quality terms.

i have to disagree i'm surprised at how good the pixel xl photos are in general, sharp across the frame, high dynamic range (thanks to HDR trickery), high detail in general. if I go to flickr and look at some samples from say, powershot a510 (old cheap camera from like 12 years ago) or nikon p300 (another random not-totally cheap point and shoot camera from like 5 years ago), the pixel looks equivalent or better (provided the user isn't zooming in, obviously optical zoom is superior for zooming in). the dpreview samples look fine. what are you seeing as ridiculously poor in the pixel xl sample gallery? https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/google-pixel-xl-camera-review/10

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Marty4650: Isn't it just a lot cheaper and easier to buy a real camera?

I just don't understand this bizarre need to convert a cell phone into a real camera, without much regard for the resulting size, cost or weight. Are people doing this just to prove "it can be done?"

well, the processors used inside phones are increasingly becoming the primary location of software and hardware development. phones have nice UI's too

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dpreview knows that the best way to spur discussion is to incite the technical indignation of photo gear heads

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tkbslc: Why does it seem like only Apple based computer hardware makes it to the news feed?

i suppose apple's pretty popular with people who work with image/video editing software

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iphone 7 lens is either out of focus, has a terrible field curvature, or is simply really bad anywhere beyond the center. wish there were a lg g4/g5 comparison

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fyngyrz: Lossy image saving methods are fairly described as "image damaging methodologies."

Other than use as thumbnails.... ugh.

Lol love dpreview image snobbery. Destroyed image oooh jpeg so bad! World would be a better place if we transmitted 10 times more redundant data, think of all the profits for the phone companies wireless internet plans

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On article GoPro to cut 270 jobs as part of restructuring effort (79 comments in total)

I never understood how they employed so many people around one relatively simple set of products.. I suppose the simplest explanation is it was smoke and mirrors to inflate the stock price so the CEO could buy a 20 million dollar body, but man seriously what were investors thinking they were gonna be another redbull?

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