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I don't know about Pentax or Sony. As regards my own brand (Nikon), I have an 85/1.4 and a 135/2 Defocus Control which do the job just fine —on full frame sensors, of course.

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bdery: So, basically, this article says "things are changing, but we don't know how nor where they are headed". Gee, thanks.

One thing we do know, though: snaps will be snaps.

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trungthu: """ Depth of field is dependent upon three factors: aperture value, focal length and subject distance. """
I think, there's one more factor relates to the DOF, that's the sensor's dimension. The more of the sensor's dimension, the less of the depth of field.
Because the "normal lens" is equal to the diagonal of the image sensor, and the smaller of the sonsor, the shorter of the focal, and so the wider of the DOF.

And to be really accurate, focal length has nothing to do with DoF. It's the magnification factor that has a direct influence on DoF. I'm surprised Erez made the mistake/confusion.

And he forgot to mention the size of the imager, as you were quite right to point out.

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