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On article Fujifilm releases X-S1 premium EXR 26X superzoom (383 comments in total)

Can't anybody else do maths?
The sensor in this camera & the X10 is: 2/3"
That Equals= 16.933mm
So easily bigger then the Nikon V System Plus most offer Bridge & compact cameras.
Stop be so stupid as to think that you could make a lenses like this to go on a full frame or APS-C size sensor.
It would be big & heavy plus very expensive.
So This camera fills the cheap super zoom market sector with the X-10 as a high level compact.
Fuji have done there homework very well.
Also keep in mind that Fuji have already said they well do an interchangeable lens X version next year.
As they do not have a lens mount made for anything other than medium format now.
I could see them using the Leica M mount, as it is not licensed.
This would mean a full frame interchangeable lens rangefinder. Cheap M9 anyone?
Or make a APS-C mount, So a cheaper option.
Again they have done there homework.

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To me the real question is its Dynamic Range figures. 18mp may be a bit low but I used to have the old Canon 2.74mp & myself & all the worlds other pros where doing full double page spreads.

This camera is head & shoulders above any other full frame 35mm sensor in DR & cleanness of the image.

Because canon RAW format is the best this means that you can increase the MP in PS with very low loss in quality. Plus can recover badly exposed images far better.

With is the merge of the 1 range. Canon SLR will soon all be FF 35mm

Canon are planning a whole new product line & mount call the G-mount this will allow for sensors up to sizes a fraction bigger than the Leica S2.

With all new lenses.

This is due to the fact that even the mark 3 lenses can not with a 35mm mount resolve res over approx 44mp.

With a 1.5X mount & bigger glass & sensors canon will be able to push easily up to 80Mp to start.

So this will be the studio - medium format camera.

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