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Hi, it seems that an IQ problem appears in some OMD EM1 pictures.
You can see it in the sample gallery of this first impression review (P9010042 image).
Leaves in the trees show a lot of artefacts (white rings).
A new owner of the camera complains about this on Flickr too.
What do you think about that?

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Nikon D800 is not for everybody. So even if it is the best technology, for me it can't be the camera of the year.
You know, the car of the year is never a Ferrari!
By the way, I wonder why the last little Nikon J launched in 2012 is not in the selection?
It could be easier to compare and to see that with better lenses and a very good image quality, Olympus made a better little interchangeable lens camera with OMD EM5 than Nikon with Nikon J concept!

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marike6: Keep reading how the OM-D is "revolutionary" but nobody says HOW it is.

* IQ? m43 IQ was improved incrementally with the OM-D which has slightly better IQ than the G3/GX1. It still doesn't equal any of the better APS-C cameras like the NEX-7, D7000, K-5, or X-Pro1.

* Resolution? Panasonic G3 / GX1 increased the resolution of m43 to 16 mp long before the OM-D was released.

* Weather sealing? Pentax and nearly ALL FF DSLRs have been weather sealed for years.

* EVF and tilt LCD? NEX-7 had both way before the OM-D and NEX-7's are higher spec'd to boot.

* Size? OM-D is not the first small camera.

* AF tracking? The OM-D doesn't have PDAF like the Nikon 1 or NEX-5R.

* Video? GH2 and GH3 completely outclass the OM-D in video specs and performance.

"revolutionary" implies something new like the D800's 36 mp or D800 E (no AA filter) or both having uncompressed HDMI outs - All DSLR firsts.

So what is so revolutionary? Or is it you just like your cameras?

The new 5 axis OMD stabilization is revolutionary associated with a lot of high level micro four third lenses (12 f2 ; 20 f1.7 ; 25 f1.4 ; 45 f1.8 ; 75 f1.8 ; etc) equivalent to a large range from 24 to 150 for a full frame. And that doesn't exist for any other brand. And there are very good zooms too!

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Full frame is a too heavy solution for a lot of people. So it's not universal enough, even if it gives better photographs. At the same time, OMD EM5 with Zuiko or Panasonic lenses is faster with a better image quality than all others "no full frame" this year. So first place is logical.

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