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On photo Lost Ancestors in the Ok in Color - Much better in B/W challenge (1 comment in total)

oops, I put down the wrong war. This was my uncle's helmet from WWII.

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On photo Delaney in the Photograph of a Female Photographer challenge (76 comments in total)
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F Langheinrich: Let me set the record straight.
First, Delaney is a real photographer who works for me. Here she was waiting for a late arriving bride. Delaney took second in a recent challenge.
Second, I don't make comments on dpreview because I would just be mocked more by those of you who have nothing better to do.
Third, what did I win? Nothing! I do have friends and they may have voted. I'll never know. I didn't solicit any votes. If I wanted to cheat I could have gotten 100 5's and the result from you would have been the same. The question is, why do none of you have 11 friends. I think I know.
Fourth, you say a lot about me but know nothing. I don't have Facebook right now, no website, only minimal information on the school website. Intelligent people don't write about things they know nothing about.
Fifth, I make no apologies for this picture. It is beautiful and well-composed. It deserves to be first. Do any of you know anything about art?

I was sitting on a stone bench. It was white, granite I think? So with no focus on it, the details could easily be blown out. We were taking bridal photos that day.

But Le Kilt gave some wonderful criticism above. I don't even think about the colors in the background complimenting the person. That's really interesting! I actually really like reading all of the critiques (that aren't about the voting) on these comments! As someone really trying to learn as much as she can about this medium, it really helps to read things like this from experienced photographers.

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On photo She takes a Golden Sunset in the Photograph of a Female Photographer challenge (9 comments in total)

I think this shot is absolutely stunning, and deserved much higher than 62nd. The contrast of the golds and then black really make me love it. I'm a sucker for a good silhouette. I wish there weren't so many submissions in this challenge because it doesn't give pictures enough exposure to get an even voting. I wish people weren't so negative in their comments on challenges like this. But I guess that's coming from the girl in the first place photo. Honestly, I love the photo in that one, but I love so many other photos in here that just didn't get shuffled into the first page of the voting enough. 166 entries is a lot, which really doesn't give a good voting. But anyways, this photo is absolutely stunning! As one learning, I'm inspired to work towards this kind of beauty.

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I absolutely love this shot. I thought you should have won, that being said by the girl in the first place photo. The colors are spectacular and the subtle shadows on the water are fantastic. Good job!

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