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  • There are currently some discussions about the IQ of foveon based cameras. A lot of discussions about techniques in post-processing, the correct sharpening, SW tools and so on. I contributed but ...
  • A simple approach, I just looked for the biggest file sizes of the X3F. SD15 : 18.7 MB X3F, 7.2 MB JPG SD1 : 72 MB X3F, 28.5 MB JPG sd Quattro H :  83.2 MB X3F,  43.8 MB JPG SD15 SD1 sq Quattro H
  • Are you sure about that? From the SD1, I got files varying between 65MB and 45MB. This difference can't be due to the embedded JPEG alone, right? (For the sd Quattro H, I have to check the file ...
  • Replied in Sounds right
    I think you are right. It is pretty obvious that the X3F file size depends on the amount of information in the picture and a higher degree of sharpness/microcontrast makes the files larger because ...
  • Replied in Congratulation
    Thank you Mark! And have a great weekend in NY.
  • Replied in Congratulation
    Good to see that your pictures find their audience. I always very much like Ines' and your work. I have one question for you (and feel free not to answer it). Now that you use the sd Quattro, do ...
  • The same happened to me with my sd Quattro H. Only about 86deg Fahrenheit or 30deg Celsius. After about 1 hour of shooting, I got the overheat warning. Did as you did, went on shooting but ...
  • Replied in Glacier Bay
    Wow, what a beautiful landscape....
  • Yes, you are right, I checked the web: Osteospermum fruticosum (Trailing African Daisy) Thank you!
  • Hi Ted, I don't know what it is but I assume it's something ordinary. It was very warm today. Maybe it didn't get enough water and just started to roll in the leaves which are otherwise open and flat.
  • Created discussion thread sd Quattro H + 50-500mm BW
    Here are two pictures in BW.
  • Created discussion thread sd Quattro H and 50-500mm
    The 50-500mm once again proved to be a sharp lens. Unfortunately, it is large and heavy. One caveat with the sd Quattro H, AF doesn't work that good. It was much faster and more reliable on the ...
  • With all due respect Scott, these pictures are not very good. To me they look kind of amateurish. The light is not great in the first one. In the second one, it is so obvious that the sand was put ...
  • Thank you very much!! This is really helpfull. I'll give it a try to compare the results with the ones from my very trivial SPP only approach. Threads like this are the highlights of this forum.
  • Very good pictures, thank you for posting. Except for the last one which doesn't speak to me. Anyway, welcome to the forum, a very promising start.
  • Agreed on the larger photosites of the Merrill. But there must be more to that because I think that NR of SPP is not really bad, it works quite well for the Merrill files. If you take a Merrill ...
  • No, Richard Butler changed his review and added access to the Quattro RAW files (on the same page where the test scene is shown).
  • Yes, me for example as I said in my post. In that other thread mentioned, I explained that I see this grittiness in a lot of my Quattro pics whereas the Merrills are smooth but still detailed. I ...
  • Created discussion thread Merrill and Quattro Noise Reduction
    I know there is a risk to trigger annoying discussions again. Therefore, just to start with, I don't want to say that any of the sensors is superior to the other. And I own an SD1 and an sd ...
  • I am sure, it is possible to generate very good pictures from the DNG files. My major point from the beginning was that the reviewer judged the IQ of the camera by the pictures he posted. And so ...
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