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  • Once again.... It seems to be a patent about a higher speed processing pipeline for the existing Foveon 3-layer sensor, NOT a new sensor.
  • Amazing how wrong (or questionable) facts diffuse in the forum. Fast and impossible to stop. I write it once again, there is no two layer sensor. The patent mentioned over in the other thread is a ...
  • No, it isn‘t. The patent is about a speedy processing pipeline for a stacked 3 layer sensor. That‘s how I read the patent.
  • Where does the paper say that they use non-local noise reduction? I can‘t find it. They say that they use non-linear neighbourhood noise reduction. Which is completely different.
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    No need to do so. As it turned out, it is not about a new sensor but about a high-speed processing pipeline for stacked sensors.
  • Ok, I was able to get an english translation of the mentioned patent. The information so far was a bit misleading. This is not about a new sensor but about a new high-speed processing pipeline for ...
  • There are some people in this forum with a lot of knowledge about sensor technology and color science and with a principal technical/scientifical understanding. You set yourself above all of them ...
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    I don‘t get it. This design corrupts the idea behind the Foveon design. The Quattro was the first step away from full color information at full resolution with the two lower layers binned to a ...
  • Yes, you did, but don‘t bother, no problem on my side.
  • Good to hear. But to be pedantic, I am Frank not Rick.....
  • The SL and TL mounts are the same in terms of everything that defines a mount, e.g., flange back, diameter, bajonet, electrical contacts. But the SL mount has an additional small and slightly ...
  • I like the picture as such. Good composition and nice subject. Is there also the normal resolution version? I think that the scaled-up version takes the beloved per pixel acutance out of the SD15 file.
  • I think your first approach was more suited to test color gradation because if done right, it tests the response to monochromatic light over the spectrum. The color cards have a very broad spectrum ...
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    I agree. I like a minimalistic approach but I also know that this is a personal thing and that it doesn‘t apply to everything. Still, for me it works with the two pictures. Thank you again for ...
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    Thank you Steve! Very much appreciated. Really great pictures and I like them even more now. What do you think about the slight changes in the character of the pictures?
  • Yes, because in this setup, the spectrum is directly acquired by a photographic plate. But David projected it onto a white surface and acquired the spectrum by taking a picture of that surface.
  • I like them all. #5 is a simple plain "Oh, wow...!!"
  • No. It focuses the individual wavelengths onto the white target he used. The camera is just taking a picture of that. You would be right if he directly took a picture "of the prism", i.e. pointing ...
  • As I wrote, the second lens sorts out (focuses) the various spectral components from different regions of the prism which are otherwise overlapping on the white target. If you use a very sharp ...
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    Hi Steve, sometimes I feel a bit ashamed that I spend a lot of money and time on photography and I don't come close to what you show us thread after thread. Very well done. My favorites are #1, #5 ...
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