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zeidgeist: And the usual bunch of CONSPIRACY CRETINS infesting this site like a CANCER. Even the Russians, who hated the Americans during the Cold War acknowledged that Apollo 11 HAD LANDED. Get with it MORONS...... The same w*nkers who post that, despite the overwhelming proof that it was Al Qaeda and Saudi money, that 9/11 was an inside job, oh yes and the "chemtrails" and HAARP with a touch of NWO and all washed down by th e Bilderbergers. Meanwhile when the US actually showed the landing site via the lunar orbiters, what did the cretin "truthers" spout...... YESSS you guessed it "PHOTOSHOP" and "that proves nothing".......

I thought this is photography forum...we have a saying here: a kid learns a lesson for worms and gets a question about elephant...and the kid answers: well, the elephant is big animal but his tail is small like worm and worms are bla bla bla...

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Свиѓа ми се комбинација од Шведски апарат ,Германски објектив, Американски астронаут и свемирско возило сас Грчко име, дали знае некој филм од кој производител е направен?
(I like the combination of Swedish camera, German lens, American astronaut and spaceship with Greek name, does anyone knows who was the maufacturer of the film on which the most famous photographs were taken?

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