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  • The lens has a focal length - it also has a designed image circle. 'Crop' lenses can economize / optimize their design to cover just a smaller sensor. The designer won't care about distortion or ...
  • Replied in How?
    You either spend thousands more for dedicated hardware, or rent hardware for the few times it would be useful. So, you have never used a leaf shutter camera?
  • On a SLR, the focus screen is the same distance from the lens as the film or sensor. When the mirror is down, the light is reflected by 90 degrees to the focus screen. When the mirror is up, the ...
  • Looking at the page source, it seems to be missing two elements common for so called 'responsive' html / css . First a declaration of the page as HTML 5, by including a <!DOCTYPE html> directive ...
  • As a first step, take a look at this site's feature search and buying guide pages Note that many fixed lens cameras have the same sort of controls [PASM modes] as interchangeable lens cameras [for ...
  • I would like to see some updates that are as much political as technical - Add 'Dual IS' for selected Panasonic lens / Olympus body combinations. Also share lens profile info for selected 'Pro'...

  • Left eye dominant, and if the camera has a viewfinder hump most of the time I have both eyes open - that lets me queue in on objects about to open the lens' field of view.
  • Nope - SCSI was a parallel buss local area network, most commonly used for storage. Since all the devices on the buss were smart, the protocol allowed for command queuing, and requests to and from ...
  • USB C is the connector specification [the physical form factor] USB 3.1 & Thunderbolt 3 are the protocols
  • Replied in Use IBIS?
    Leave it on - unless there is a demonstrated need to turn it off. [That would involve a trip to the basement to fetch the tripod out of it's box]
  • I found a link to the AE1 Program manual http://stevespages.com/pdf/canon_ae-1p_camera.pdf I did not have that particular camera, skipping from Pellix & FTb to the EOS/EF mount bodies. As you can ...
  • Not a wedding photographer - but have you tried searching the forums for 'wedding'? That should yield several recent threads, full of suggestions and cautions. [lots of cautions]
  • I generally just let computers 'sleep'. This allows some background / service tasks to continue [e.g. Mail processing incoming messages / events; for 'spinning rust' disks some late night ...
  • There are links from the Olympus page to you-tube tutorials, but these probably need to be refreshed to show off the new features of the camera.
  • The first reply had a link to this site's search facility - it is more limited than a google search, but unlike google it is camera centric.
  • Have you looked at some of Robin Wong' s street photography samples & user level equipment reviews? [He is an Olympus employee living in Malaysia] There are links to some of his blog postings [many ...
  • I don't recall seeing a menu option for it - just checked the pdf of the manual and they are not listed as focus modes for the camera with the current firmware.
  • A couple of minor korrections The EM10.2 flash is a pop up unit, the EM1 comes with a clip on. The EM10.2 has a power contact for flashes without their own battery. [probably also on the EM1.2]. Th ...
  • What I hope/expect to see is more cross compatibility for features that are currently brand specific [e.g. Dual IS with mixed body and lens; DFD with Olympus Pro & prime lenses on Panasonic bodies] ...
  • I should have shot this in raw - need to see what may be korrected with my available tools [AP3, Pixelmator]
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