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My progression through imaging has been classic; My first image was with a pinhole camera and I started with black and white film in high school darkrooms. My college education was distracted with slide film photography and started working professionally using color print films. When digital came into the picture I adopted early. Digital photography shifted me from specializing in star trails to timelapse, and finally I've come to enjoy cinematography the most.

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  • I was looking forward to the page loading and helping someone choose the better of two photographs.  However, I can't.  I am heavily biased and cannot separate my attraction for the models from my ...
  • I've had  few with bubbles.  Modern and vintage both.  I never saw any issues that I noticed.  I think my bubbles are in inner, somewhat frontish elements.
  • I used to think that film was better for star trails due to the long exposure limits, but then I discovered stacking, and learned how to make a digital star trail as long as I wanted... The only ...
  • Lol.  The ole "you're wasting your time to get a good photo" line. She likely resents you and at the same time thinks you're an idiot because her phone photos look just as good as your camera ...
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    Minolta 1600mm f11
  • I was disqualified since the lens I used is not included in dpreview's list and I had to enter a custom lens name. This contest not for adapted lenses.

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  • One time I was re-uniting with an old friend and in the conversation., he explained that photography is a hobby, there's no money in it, fun things can't pay, etc.  Ironically, his very next ...
  • Of course.  You can certainly upgrade, and yep, if you're willing to do it to solve a problem, you'll probably enjoy lots of other benefits by upgrading.  I think people have answered under the ...
  • This: https://goofoffproducts.com/product/pro-strength-remover-6-oz/ Be sure to clean off the Goof off when done, not spill it, and not let it stay in contact with your skin though.  It's strong.  ...
  • I think it is true that "Eclipse" brand cleaner's active ingredient(s) are the same as can be found from Cheaper suppliers.  I had some that I got cheap on ebay once.  IT was good for a while, but ...
  • I paid about $10 for my Norland adhesive. Use hot water to melt away the old balsam. I used coffee temperature hot water. After heating up, the elements are separated. For proper alignment, ...
  • I think you're right about this.  IT also depends on what images you have, I think, and I think unless you are shooting specifically for stock, then it's likely most of a photographer's images are ...
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    Christmas at Mom's.  After everyone's gone to sleep.
    Placed 28th in the challenge. Christmas at Mom's. After everyone's gone to sleep.
  • Not for me. Not even close. I put about about 50 of my best photos for about a year. I made loads of sales, but each sale was paying like $.25. Then I was in Wal-Mart one time (don't tell anyone, ...
  • My best lenses for portraits are probably: Pentax-A 85mm f1.4 - I mention this one first, because it's such an amazingly awesome lens.  Everything I shoot with it looks "pro."  I don't even have to ...
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    Ya, I've used photography as a means of introducing myself to all kinds of situations that I otherwise would not have had any reason to. Plus, I am the kind of person who enjoys a concert, event, ...
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    Cool you gave them money, but I meant they are going to get YouTube fame for being the drone saving heroes since they are on the video... Ahh the glory!
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