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On article Gallery Update: Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 (93 comments in total)

I own many Panasonic cameras. One thing they don't do well is white balance and color science. You can say it's their look, but it's not a good one. Luckily there is raw. Standard profile is the worst. You should just not be shooting people with it as it accentuates people's blemishes. If it's anything like the GH5, for shooting people, I recommend the Portrait profile with -3 saturation and +2 or +3 Hue. For video, you have to pay close attention to white balance as there is very little room for wb correction.

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On article Panasonic Lumix GH5S vs GH5: What's new? (89 comments in total)
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chrisno: a disaster...especially after a7s iii release
reminds me of GoPro Karma

If they put a flip out screen, that new Sony autofocus system on the A7R III, UHD 10-bit 4:2:2, and 1080p 240fps...all very plausible....maybe people who bought the GH5s will be questioning their $2500 decision.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S First Impressions Review (327 comments in total)

Now that the dust has settled, I think an A7S II is a better complement to your GH5. When you need shallow dof that only full frame provides, plus 2 stops better low light performance than even the new GH5s, for about the same price. If you already shoot with Canon lenses on your GH5. For everything else, the GH5 is still the best camera for 4K.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S First Impressions Review (327 comments in total)
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Michael Ma: No raw video? DJI has had m43 raw for 3 years.

Androole, that may be true, but the BMPCC has been doing raw videos on the m43 sized sensors for longer, and it uses UHS-I SD cards.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S First Impressions Review (327 comments in total)

I'll wait for GH6s

RAW/ProRes 444

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S First Impressions Review (327 comments in total)

No raw video? DJI has had m43 raw for 3 years.

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On article Using Canon's ultra-rare 50mm F1.0L (24 comments in total)

I love the 50 and 85 mm 1.2 L lenses but the 50 at 1.0 doesn't look like it has good color or rendering. I can see why it was discontinued.

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Did everyone already forget why we're not all shooting with light field cameras with 16 sensors? Everyone is assuming this new thing is going to do this new amazing thing while doing everything your current gear is doing perfectly. How much of a compromise will you be willing to take to carry 1 or 2 less kg/lbs? How about none? Wake me up when that happens.

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Sony color science.

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VENTURE-STAR: A spare battery should be top of the list, but hang on a minute, you've just bought a Canon that uses rip-off priced chipped batteries. So perhaps it's better if you just return the camera and forget about trying your hand at any photography!

Canon charges the same if not less than any camera manufacturer selling OEM batteries. It's just that generic batteries from China are cheap and you get what you pay for. Generic ones tend to form bubbles inside in a few years or even few months of extensive use. Why? Cheaper materials and loose QC. Are you willing to risk your multi-thousand dollar camera to save $40 by putting in a battery that has been topped off like a juice box? I've had many many Canon batteries last well over 10 years and they are still going strong. All my generic batteries either no longer charge or they've become tight fitting (liquid turning into gas bubbles) and slosh around when I press on it. Also, only pro Canon cameras like the 5d have this kind of warning, with generic batteries which you can agree to and use the generic batteries. Their non pro cameras like the 80D doesn't care if you insert a generic battery.

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13. Boosted Board
14. Gorillapod
15. Raybans
16. Running Shoes
17. Juice
18. MacBook Pro
19. New York City Studio
20. Drone

Link | Posted on Dec 29, 2017 at 03:58 UTC as 26th comment

You let them take away the headphone jack and replace them with overpriced dongles and airpods, they'll just keep reaching deeper into your pockets. What are they going to charge for next? Brighter screen DLC for iPhone 11?

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Why is "Sony" in the title. They didn't dominate anything according to the article, if is true.

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Damage control! The best solution is to update the firmware so that people can choose to either have more battery life or keep the same performance without the need to spend any money. But it seems like they are unwilling to do that.

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I visualized the break-in, detective work, and the recovery as if it were a plot in the movie in Fargo.

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I liked the original story better. A rich guy in the shadows hired 2 thugs to conduct a surgical hit on very expensive and rare pieces of camera equipment.

It turned out to be dumb and dumber throwing a rock through a window and grabbing the shiniest thing that caught their eye.

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On article Have Your Say: Best Gear of 2017 (201 comments in total)

This entire list seems very lackluster. It's like RadioShack put together their best sellers list for 2017.

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On article Annie Leibovitz teaches photography in new MasterClass (175 comments in total)

This course is mostly the "why" in her process and a description in detail what her entire process actually is. It's an advanced photography course for people who are past learning about cameras, lenses, lights, processing, composition, etc. After that, what people are interested in are learning about is the creative process for specific successful artists. People take these kinds of courses so they can pick up on her non-conventional routine, that you're not doing but she does, that makes her creatively unique/better. And if you're looking for this, you will definitely appreciate every morsel of detail that she is generously revealing.

But for people who are still learning the technical aspects of photography, it might come off as romanticized storytelling for details you might not have built the acuity to see yet. If you are looking for how she lights a particular shot, what gear she uses, and what shutter speed/aperture to use, there are better videos on YouTube for it.

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Was this made for the Canadian military? That would explain the excellent condition of this camera.

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On article Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III review (639 comments in total)

I'm gonna guess half price by next Christmas.

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