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PaulinUK99999: Looked through a OVF for first time in ages today (on a latest model), straight back to my EVF

In fact...I tried to use my Nikon F5 after a while, and I found the experience simply...dull and flat if compared to my Sony's EVF....

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gravis92: 1/20 people here plan to shoot film next year. I'm not sure how many unique visitors DPreview gets over the course of a few months, but 5% is a lot in sheer numbers especially considering that nearly every one of these people for sure have at least one digital camera. And I would doubt that DPreview visitors are any different than visitors to other sites. Kodak is onto something. Make a product at a profit that 1/20 people in the entire photography market would buy...and likely continue to buy on a regular basis? Id say that's a win. Especially since it takes literally no r/d, just restart the old machines and get the distribution network restocked.

Of course they still make film, but this drums up even more interest and attracts attention to their existing products. The fact that they still make porta, etkar must mean they are breaking even, or at least not bleeding money.

In fact i wonder if some of the original chemistry still exists at this point....

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Richard B99: Ektachrome discontinued in 2012 but Kodachrome went sometime before that because I sold my two Olympus OM2n and OM1n bodies and a bunch of lenses because of that in 2009 to fund the switch to DSLR.

Oh well, if I had retained them, I'd have kicked of a few rolls for the fun and nostalgia. But its 2017 and even KC 25 / 64 are not as good as we have today. Plus, you had to be absolutely bang on the exposure. A little over exposure on those films and all was lost.

I've still got a slide projector somewhere...

KM was for real men! If you missed exposure by 1/2 stop you lost the shot. I wonder if the geeks have an app for that?

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rsf3127: Check this out:

What does a Truck had to do with KM?

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Minolta XM ready,,, 58mm 1,1,2 ready... cold beer ..READY...Land Rover with tank filled... Ready for my Trip to Patagonia on PKM 25!!!

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starwolfy: What are they smoking ?

Gimme some!!!! I want some of that too :-)

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Looks like one of Richard Franiec's grips....totaly well made!

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