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jhunna: This is a vacation beach boating camera. Its nice having a camera that I can let get wet, have sand fall on, and use in bright light. And if the spirit hits me I can take down 30 meters to film in 4k. Raw doesn't matter, sealed in battery doesn't matter (as long as its good for a full day of shooting), the small sensor doesn't matter, what matters is that I can take pictures and videos in locations that couldn't with my smartphone or more expensive gear.

This camera is for when the experience is the primary concern, and you want to have SOMETHING to allow you to capture that moment. Lastly, if you need more sensor/protection/features spend more money and/or get a case.

Thanks for the clarification. I like Lumix in general (have owned or own FZ150, FZ300, GX7, GX8, GX85, ZS50) but also do a lot of burst shooting and it appears that this camera has a tiny buffer. Also a very high pixel count for this size sensor; 12MP seems to be the practical max to balance theoretical resolution with low noise.

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duchamp: Why oh why only incremental improvements? Why not 1" sensor and RAW?!
How do you (Panasonic) tempt the existing owners of rugged cameras jump to your last thing?

Good points, although many of us could live with the sensor.
We also could ask Olympus, why oh why no EVF on the TG-x series? If Oly had included an EVF, many of us would own one now.

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PortraitLover: it had me at 1/2.3
even phones have bigger sensors.

You seem to have missed out on the entire range of tough cams and bridge cams, dozens and dozens of models with, yes, the dreaded 1/2.3 sensors. Why is this a surprise to you?
How does your phone do underwater?

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digitallollygag: I think the 12MP sensor in the Oly TG-5 seems to be the limit for the tiny 1/2.3” chip. There seems to be way too much pixel-smearing on the more densely-packed 16-20MP sensors, even at low ISO.

You are right, and objective tests and many professional reviewers confirm it, yet people (including on this thread) still want more pixels and complain of cameras that "only" have 12mp.

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cosinaphile: while i salute the panny effort to expand this catagory ... the battery and tiny sensor are two big fails

a 1 1.7 sensor or a 2\3 sensor like fuji x30 or a 1" sensor and a removable battery is absolutely needed ..... batteries have about 500 charge cycles . making this landfill way too soon

"a removable battery is absolutely needed"
What makes you think it can't be removed?

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jhinkey: I might just buy this - a usable viewfinder is what has been missing in the models (Panasonic and others) that I've bought in the past - especially with trying to get my poor near vision (with glasses or contacts) working on the rear LCD in bright daylight.
Now with this I at least have a viewfinder adjusted for infinity viewing and I can attempt to look at things in bright daylight via the EVF.

We'll see how good the EVF is in practice (looks small, but I'm not expecting an A7RIII EVF experience).

Has no one really done this before?

Amazing, innit? We've had to wait, what, 10 years or so for an EFV on a tough cam. I agree with you - there was no reason not to.
Alas, Panny failed in a lot of other areas on this cam: too many MP, tiny buffer (about 1 second), no serious controls (shutter, aperture, full manual). No RAW.
Oh, well, maybe next year. If Oly puts and EFV on the TG series, I'll buy it.

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VENTURE-STAR: The sensor appears to be the same as used in some Canon compacts and it's phone sized as you might expect. The optics are probably going to be questionable. Then there's the position of the EVF, which is not exactly ideally placed. This should be over to the left. If Panasonic were serious about a camera of this type, they'd have a fixed wide lens with a larger sensor. And as it takes SD cards, it could certainly take interchangeable batteries. The whole thing is a very poor piece of design as far as I'm concerned and I'll be surprised if the video quality is anything special.

"If Panasonic were serious about a camera of this type, they'd have a fixed wide lens with a larger sensor."
It does have a fixed lens.
The sensor is like all the other cams of this type. Why the obsession with sensor size on this thread? All these cams have used the same size sensor for years.

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The Davinator: When I first saw the picture...I was interested in reading about this. But then I saw the high MP count coupled with the 1/2.3 sensor...and then JPG only...and then a built in battery...and...no.

Agree 100%. Small sensor with 20mp makes no sense.

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The Davinator: Full rez sample images here. Kind of crispy edge sharpening. Definitely could produce decent 8x10 and even 11x14 prints of good sharpness and detail. No high iso samples yet.


"Definitely could produce decent 8x10 and even 11x14 prints of good sharpness and detail."
Did you download the full res images and enlarge them to the sizes you mention?
Everything in the images is blocky and lacking in detail, as if the were enlarged video frames. Sorry, these images are not very clear, sharp or detailed. (I'm comparing to images from FZ300 and ZS50, both of which have the same size sensor but with a very sensible 12MP instead of the 20MP overkill on this camera. Also, the folded optics degrade IQ but that can't be helped.)

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Ben Herrmann: Gonna be hard to compete with the Olympus Tough Series TG-5. Sure, the Oly only has 12 MP's, but it produces RAW files also and has pretty sharp glass for the genre. Don't know why Panasonic didn't at least include a RAW file option. But really...20 MP's on this pin-headed size sensor. I can only imagine lots of artifacts and not much in the way of higher ISO scenarios (read "clean" here) without adding an enormous amount of NR. But hey, I'd be glad to be proven wrong here as it would only give folks another viable option for the tough series of cameras.

"the Oly only has 12 MP's" because that is about the maximum pixel density that works. Small sensors can't cope with higher pixel count - IQ suffers. As every review site has pointed out. Look at the images from this 20MP camera on techradar. Very, very poor IQ.

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MrTaikitso: Error in spec: It does not have an articulated display. I like Panny reliability, but the Oly wetcam / dampcam looks much cooler and has an articulated screen.

"the Oly wetcam / dampcam looks much cooler and has an articulated screen."
If you mean the TG-5, no it does not.
If you don't meant the TG-5, what is the Oly "wetcam"?

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thinkinginimages: It's about time. I have a TS5. For what I use it for, it's a fine camera. This is the camera I take when I wouldn't risk any other camera. Blizzards, storms, dusty/dirty/gritty places, walks with my easily distracted dog, and so on. These are "lifestyle" cameras. You don't have to pamper them.

The only let down to the TS7 is no Raw format. I prefer that little bit of latitude. It's not a day breaker considering the intended use.

You want RAW? Oly TG cam has it. But no EVF. Darn.

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AaronsLyfe: I would have been all over this if it would shoot RAW and have something about 10sec or longer on the exposure side.

Burst depth is anemic.

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wolfie: Really don't care but internal EVF , especially on another sad little 1/2.3 sensor camera - how long until somebody makes a "serious tough cam" with a 1" sensor?

Why so much moaning on this thread about the sensor size? They are *all* like that in this class (i.e., waterproof, freeze-proof, impact-resistant).

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BobT3218: Until now Olympus has had this niche market to themselves. They will have to lift their game. In marketing this tough outdoor camera to the USA, I'm surprised they didn't think to add the word "EXTREME" on the front. Hipsters would have loved that :)

All Oly has to do is add an EVF. in all other respects their latest TG camera is superior to this Panny offering. Much to my disappointment, but that's life.
Agree 100% with Sprocket2. Oly needs EVF, and shutter speed control or full manual control. Panny came close with the EVF, but then failed to include various basic features (including shutter speed/manual control).

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wootpile: Where is the 1-inch rugged compact?

There isn't one. Sealife is an underwater camera. It's not a rugged cam. Don't take it skiing or drop it. No zoom, either. And no plans to add one. Also bad IQ.

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john Clinch: Shall we save space and time here. There is 1 inch sensor rugged compact


Yep. No zoom, bad IQ, and lacking other features. If I recall, the buffer is small. And no 4K video.
I've asked SeaLife if they ever plan to offer a zoom lens. They say they do not.

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sh10453: A 1/2.3" sensor? Never again, for me, even if Pana called it 100 megapixel sensor.
We are not in 2002 anymore.

I'm sure all the bridge camera makers and "tough" cam makers will be heartbroken. Since that is the size they all use.

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Marcel: Wonder which brand will make marinepacks for some none waterproof camera's like Sony did in the '90s with there MPK / SPK marinepacks with optional accessoire the halogeen lamps (led light for today).

There are many waterproof cases out there already from various camera makers including Panny. If you're referring to the waterproof bags, those are pretty sketchy in terms of reliability.

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rgs_45: This is great BUT I want a TOUGH camera with at least 1" sensor or bigger.
I will even take the LX100 AS IS if Pany can redesign it and make it as a TOUGH camera. I wouldn't mind even it's a bit bigger than the current LX100 just make it a RUGGED and TOUGH camera.

The only one out there is SeaLife. No zoom, very poor IQ, and missing a lot of other useful photo/video features.

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