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On article onOne Software's Perfect Effects 8 available for free (113 comments in total)

I got this free a couple of months ago on a similar promo somewhere. Since I have NIK, I use this for one simple but REALLY effective preset - the dynamic contrast. I just use the 'Normal' setting, the preset at the top left and just use its default amount. It adds just the right amount of punch to the image. Very subtle but super nice. Then I bring it into LR or NIK as needed. Totally worth the price of admission.

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On article Adobe expands Photoshop and Lightroom offer (628 comments in total)

I've been waiting for the price to come down. Used the phone number and changed my PS only cloud subscription to PS + LR and got both for half what I was paying. It doesn't take very much time saving with state-of-the-art software to be easily worth $10 a month. I get why so many people are mad, but for me, the minimal monthly cost (yes, that might go up in the future) is a bargain. If they raise the price to something stupid, I'll bail and go with an alternative. But for now, this is a great deal.

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On a photo in the Fujfilm XF 55-200mm F3.5-4.8 R LM OIS Samples sample gallery (3 comments in total)

But not sharper than an average consumer tele.

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On photo DSCF1779 in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (3 comments in total)

But not sharper than an average consumer tele.

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On article Olympus stems losses but PEN sales disappoint (233 comments in total)
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BobT3218: In hindsight, Olympus may have been better off continuing on their original push of making 4/3 a truly pro alternative rather than being distracted by m4/3. I fear they are now too far behind in the pro market, except for lenses, and are are being faced with a fizzling of m4/3 as Nikon are finding.

Enter Fuji with a bigger, cleaner sensor than 4/3, great lenses, more dynamic range and the smaller, lighter system you mention.

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Never mind. I see it's 85mm.

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Did I miss the focal length? Anybody know what it is?

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How will the high ISO performance be on this new style sensor? The DP's are pretty well known for a lot of noise above ISO 400 compared to other modern sensors.

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On article App tutorial: Give portraits depth with HDR feel (38 comments in total)
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CollBaxter: Ieeeesh this looks like 4 steps form looking normal to homeless.

Sorry but that just looks like crap.

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On article The Lightroom catalog (299 comments in total)

I think a composite of the two systems works best and is logical. I have a variety of folders for different broad categories and find it's not a hassle to duplicate some images that might fall in two categories. But then I love how LR is able to use keywording and collections to further identify images as to type or a classification that you will be using but haven't yet.

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Sure would love to see a 30mm version. Too long for normal for cropped.

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