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On article Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III Review (562 comments in total)
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Bambi24: QUOTE: "you’re locked into the ‘i-Enhance’ color profile when shooting in Auto mode which adds much additional saturation that everything looks a little radioactive. Thankfully, if you’re a Raw shooter, you can re-process the image"

QUOTE: "In short, the previous E-M10 II was a camera that I could easily recommend to friends and family looking for a solid camera that they can get great results with right out of the box....this new E-M10 III is now even easier to use, and therefore will be even easier for me to recommend"

This is so contradictory. First you say the camera can't get colors in auto right and you are forced to use RAW to get them right. Then you say you would recommend it to family a friends who want a camera with great results out of the box.

I don't think this argument makes any sense. Recommending beginners buy a camera that can't even get colors right, forcing them to use RAW, makes 0 sense.

Sounds like Ken Rockwell would like it.

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On article Capturing the same sunset, 2 years apart (126 comments in total)
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iAPX: They are both interesting and as @vscd as stated, the oldest one would be awesome in black and white, being really graphical.

I won't comment on post-production, because I wasn't here, I don't know what was the raw material, but still as a Montrealer, find both of them interesting, and would have been proud to shoot them myself!

+1 for the first one being great for B&W :)

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On article Capturing the same sunset, 2 years apart (126 comments in total)
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FodgeandDurn: The second is more immediately pleasing - I think it is great as a pretty piece of landscape photography. That said, once you start really looking at the first one, there's a lot of pleasure to be had in the gradation of yellows and oranges - from water to horizon to sky, along with the silhouetted trees and foreground adding an element of abstract form.

I predict a sea of righteous comments decrying HDR simply because it's popular and appealing, and anything that enhances reality is somehow invalid... but I like both of them and this is an interesting contrast for any photographer to ruminate on.

I think the first one makes for a lovely B&W.

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On article Capturing the same sunset, 2 years apart (126 comments in total)
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Martin JC: The title: "Capturing the same sunset, 2 years apart" is inaccurate. It is NOT the same sunset. They are different sunsets taken from approximately the same place, with approximately the same lens FL.

Was anyone confused on this point?

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On article Photo of the week: Hyena at Night (101 comments in total)
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Flinger: Great photo.

An entirely noob type question - how did the photographer manage to get such a sharp photo on a 16 second exposure? Surely the hyena moved? Didn't really understand the relationship between 'first flash fire' and moonlight not present to cause ghosting. Anyone care to explain please? Thanks in advance.

The flash only illuminates the scene for a small fraction of a second, "freezing in time" anything it illuminates. Since there was no source of continuous light (such as moonlight) on the subject, the strobe illuminated what would otherwise have been a blurry silhouette.

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quietrich: Whatever you say about Olympus, they sure know how to design beautiful cameras, and always have done.

Many commenters are unhappy with the 16mp resolution, but for me this is the optimum res, particularly on a smaller sensor; Fine A3 prints, and double-page spreads are the maximum most of us will ever need. People talk about cropping, but why? Get closer or attach a longer lens. Careful composition is one of the most challenging and enjoyable aspects of photography, and is best done with the camera rather than in post, imo.

quietrich, agreed. 16mp is more than enough for the vast majority of people, and helps with storage. This is not a camera aimed at professionals. For those seeking more resolution, there plenty of other options available.

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An excellent read, as always, Richard! Cheers.

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On article Nikon D850: First full-res sample images (361 comments in total)

Wow! Impressive. Imagine the RAW quality...

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On article Throwback Thursday: the Nikon D700 (113 comments in total)

I clicked on a D700 article and instead just got another on the D850... I feel like I just got Rickrolled.

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On article Nikon D850 First Impressions Review (996 comments in total)
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photoac: If I paid $3300 for one of these, I'd hope to get one without an out of focus LCD! Check the product shot here https://www.dpreview.com/files/p/articles/6044780370/back_with_LCD.jpeg


That is weird...

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(Minor typo: "most noise is most images comes from the amount of light captured.")

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(The headline says 20GB... for a second I thought it was a TBT :)

Also, "4GB version" in the description.

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Beautiful, and fun!

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On article Sony a9 underwater review: Shooting great white sharks (52 comments in total)

I like his fishy entourage :)

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On article Don't buy another lens, buy a flash instead (347 comments in total)
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Henrikw: I've been a wedding photographer since 2008 and slowly moved away from using flash. First of all, a lot can be achieved with big aperture lenses such as my 85mm 1.2.
I add a bit of bounced flash if the quality of light available is bad (ie harsh spotlights from low ceilings), but it's the last resort. Firing a flash all the way through a wedding day is distracting to the couple, their guests and videographer - yes, you have to be considerate. Getting the best result for the clients is essential, but I do believe being discrete is an important part of a wedding day. You cannot be discrete if your flash is firing like a strobe light.
During the years I've learned to use available light - flash is the backup if the light is very poor. My advice to a wedding photographer would be to buy a flash, but save up for a big aperture lens. Not only do you increase your options to use available light, you get that shallow depth of field which most people associate with the "professional look".

@Class A: Using flash is always a matter of modifying/controlling the quality and direction of light, but also frequently about increasing the amount of light in order for you to be able to use a fast shutter speed in dark environments (similar to how large apertures may be employed for the same). Flash is one more tool at your disposal.

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mjc1: Ok, someone has to say it.....in about 175 years this existed the owners had no idea it was a photo of Adams.....but the back of the portrait says J.Q.Adams and a book plate reads JQA and apparently the families were related and still no lightbulb?

He's also not the hardest guy to recognize...

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Tom K.: I wonder what the oldest known photograph is, of a US President while in office.

#11, James Polk, 1849: https://petapixel.com/2012/06/05/the-first-photographs-of-us-presidents/

(Interestingly, see the other photo of JQA in the link above, and compare with the rediscovered one... The man certainly had a consistent look!)

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Very cool! I like how you can see the blurred effect of him wringing his hands from the cold.

From Sotheby's:
Adams writes in his diary about visiting “Mr. Haas’s shop” twice, including on a chilly 16 March day when his “hands in woolen lined gloves bitterly pinched with cold.” Adams also describes the wondrousness of the technique: “The operation is performed in half a minute; but is yet altogether incomprehensible to me.”

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Kaso: Adblock browser plug-in is free of charge.

I'm a big fan, but I think that instead of improving my photography, it deprives the sites I frequent (and learn from) of their primary source of revenue. (I've whitelisted DPR.)

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Dheorl: "but chances are good photographers won't be using those two options much"...

I'm sorry, come again?

Good point. And just imagine the better-lit food photos that will come...

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