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TOF guy: Maybe the author takes pics of celebrities pets. I'm no celebrity but if this is what he does he will never have my business.
The composition of most images is boring (the worse being the one of the left under "Focus on what's unique on your dog". There is also a well-known rule in animal photography that animals rarely make for attractive pictures when they are yawning. So it's quite amusing that the author recommends do this (and yes the picture he took is not attractive). Another issue regards the lighting in particular for the studio shots. Lighting is always critical, of course, but is really difficult for animal with plain fur, and even worse for white or black furs. It is very difficult to get a little contrast which gives a picture its 3 dimensional look.The author totally fails in this department. Maybe the article "should be entitled how to not take pictures of your dog". In fairness the shot of the playing dogs is a great capture, much harder to get than it looks.

I'm no celebrity, but I am a dog lover and I like all the compositions. Very refreshing. And the yawn photo is great. What a weird rule.

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