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Errm this feature has been there for a long time now, ever since Content Aware Fill made its debut. You do your crop/rotate/straighten, select the transparent areas, feather 5-6 pixels and hit Content Aware Fill. BTW Content Aware Fill works far better on a flattened layer.

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On article Beta: try out our new 'light' color scheme (718 comments in total)

Great move. It was not until reading this news that I realize I spend a lot less time at DPR than other photography sites because of the dark experience. Just because it follows the default Photoshop scheme fairly closely doesn't make the funeral look right for a website. Luminous Landscape successfully ditched the old black look a while back. It's also a far more engaging visual experience now.

Well done! Light will be my default.

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Yes is is noticeably quicker in some respects, but like others have observed, it's too little too late. The extreme functionality of PhotoMechanic still leaves Bridge gasping for respectability.

You can't even float out a panel, notably Preview, onto a second monitor. Bridge has barely moved since Adobe first introduced the glacial first version all those years ago.

All I use Bridge for these days is the Output panel to create PDF proof sheets.


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On article Kowa announces pricing for three Micro Four Thirds lens (149 comments in total)
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Ivan Lietaert: These lenses require excellent EVF in order to nail the focus, or an external monitor. I wouldn't want to use these on my GH3...

Also, I guess the caption writer works for a fashion magazine as a second job, because he/she pays way too much attention to color and style .-)

Though on a GH4 with focus peaking...not a problem. An 8.5mm lens on MFT will give incredible DOF, making the lack of AF almost a mute point.

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Vegetable Police: Let's make everything wireless! It might even be safe for humans. We're not sure yet, but it could be. There's a small chance that you will not develop any health conditions being exposed to wireless signals all day long, and we like those odds.

EyeFi lost me a couple of years ago. Big on promise and very, very light on delivery. A waste of money and valuable time. I wouldn't expect much from this new offering. Their forums are full of posts from frustrated users. EyeFi has an inexplicable policy of not posting on their own forums. Strictly "no-comment". Weird.

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