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  • Last one was spot metering i think. this one was evaluative and AE-lock. to me they are diffrent. plus i haven't said anything here in weeks or the last one was a week ago Thanks for the reply though
  • So let me get this correct if it metered at 1/200 it suppose to be dark because a higher shutter speed is dark. if it metered at 1/60 that means it has more light? is this correct? i was at 16000 ...
  • Still don’t understand it. It meters at 1/200 and I think my iso was 16000 shouldn’t it have got the light took the shot and it be bright? Why did it re-focus after pressing the shutter all the ...
  • Created question thread Ae-lock and Re-Compose
    I'm confused on how AE-lock works. I was adivsed and also tried this. Walk into a room point at what i want to capture, lock the exposure with AE-lock. re-compose and take the shot. in theory the ...
  • So if I put the spot on something random and it looks white I need to +1 or +2 and just take the shot or so I go into one of the auto modes so the settings adjust automatically? Thanks
  • So I’m spot metering when I put the circle in something is the exposure selected and I can just take the shot or do I put in my exposure compensation right away before I take the photo? looked up ...
  • Created question thread Spot Metering and Recompose
    Sorry about all the questions but i'm learning a lot Was looking up about spot metering and ae-lock Baiscally going into a dark area or a place with low light and looking at the bright parts taking ...
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    I want the hot shoe flash so I can get used to it. Plus it looks cool
  • So if getting a fast lens runs me the risk of getting my photos out of focus why is YouTube so adamant about fast glass and bokeh? Bokeh looks cool and I would like it but I would rather have ...
  • Thanks for the feedback. Just told my wife right now that I'm thinking of photographing the kids playing inside and different things in the house and I need a flash. I told her like $99 she was ...
  • This makes me not want to do flash and invest in a fast lens. seems like flash just freezes the motion as you say. with a fast lens can do everything
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    Where can I get this red flash?
  • Thanks. Should I just get a faster lens or invest in flash? You probably read my other post but I need something for low light/ Night Photography of my kids indoors. there is light but not enough ...
  • I have so many replies that I forgot you told me that it was a waste. thought I was gonna prove somebody wrong. I was wrong Lesson learned
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  • Tried the diffuser yesterday and it sucked. You have to be really close for it to take effect. I need to start looking into speedlights Thanks
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  • Thanks. Yea I want something to start with then upgrade later. I’ve been watching a lot of videos on flash. And it seems like you only have to choices . ETTL/TTL or manual flash settings Dosen’t ...
  • Ok thanks. I will play with my built in flash then upgraded to external when I can afford it
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