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notpc: What will this thing do that the Canon 5Ds can't? More dynamic range? Better high ISO? Something else?

Really? Better "richness and range of colors"? So you're saying that FF has better range of colors than let say APS-C?

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It is the software that is the problem. These models will be forgotten by Asus after 8 months, which means no new Android OS updates, no security updates etc.

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peevee1: What's the point? Cheaper than the lens alone, these days you can get E-PM2 (with IBIS and better sensor and EVF support)+14-42 +40-150, and that 40-150 is faster, sharp and 70g lighter and focuses with the speed of light.

I had OMD E-M5 and sold it after my wife bough EOS M and I had a chance to compare IQ - Olympus was rubbish, strangely noisy/grainy even at ISO 400, also depth of field due to smaller sensor was much worse at the same F-stop than in EOS M.
Of course EOS M has it's own problems, but IQ is not one of them.

Not mentioning that I paid for the OMD $1.5k and new EOS M cost my wife $300.

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Yeah...very nice, but still I don't understand why two Sigma lenses I had (100-300/4EX and 10-20/3.5-5.6) were rubbish. Both were extremely out of focus, actually only one side of the image was out of focus...

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Rockaw: I think that people are missing it when they complain about the $1399 price point. It's a bargain.

Ming Thein has a very interesting post that shows how the OM-D E-M1 is most correctly compared to the Nikon D4. Same resolution, similar build quality, similar focus speed and accuracy. The D4 has much better video modes, but seriously, nobody buys a D4 to shoot video anyway. It's a still machine.


He also proves that the 5 axis IS is better than anything that Canon or Nikon has done in the lens. His gallery of 1 and 2 second handheld images is pretty amazing.

I know there is a lot of love by the fanboys for FF sensors (I make my living with a 5D3 - so I'm not one of them) but from what I'm seeing, I could use the new E-M1 to replace 95% of the shots I make with the 5D3.

Here's the most telling comparison:

I bought OMD-EM5 and just one month later I am selling it.

I don't understand that hype around M43 cameras. For example I can see noise on ISO 200 images. EOS M's (which I own) ISO 200 is noise free. I don't even mention bokeh - EOS M is much better here due to a bigger sensor.

Regarding lenses, there are a few good prime lenses, but come on, 450 bucks for 25mm/1.4? Even Canon 50/1.4 is cheaper! And there is also much cheaper Canon 50mm/1.8 which is also great, not mentioning 40mm/2.8 (also superb lens, for only $200). I was looking for a good travel zoom lens, and there is one: Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8, it costs only...$1300. I can buy Canon 24-105/4L IS for LESS. So where are those high quality and cheap M43 lenses?

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AndyHWC: they should make it available to non-google+ users. Why force users join Google+? Too many privacy settings to check. :(

By default all your pictures are visible only to you, so no need to check any privacy settings. Google+ is not Facebook, so no need to worry.

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love_them_all: They should make one for the iPad.

He can't because he's lying. There is no such application for iPad and iPhone.

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