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two things I don't like:
1. variable aperture
2. it's not internal zoom.

Being said, I own 12-60 f/2.8-4.0 as a part of GH5 lens kit. I'll put it on sale once i acquired Voightlander 17.5mm

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I don't know, but if Canon can produce mirrorless camera that has the same performance as 5D mark III/IV, I'll be happy.

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anticipation_of: I feel like the regular GH5 would be a better fit for most people. Unless you're a pretty advanced videographer *and* you're planning to shoot on a gimbal, the lack of stabilization in the GH5S is a major drawback. Everyone else would be better off with the GH5, which has image stabilization and still has excellent video quality and features. I feel like most people who would really benefit from what the GH5S offers probably already own a GH5. The S is a great camera, but it's too specialized for most people's needs.

GH5 and GH5s are too different cameras. If you mainly shoot low light / dark, then GH5s is best fit, otherwise GH5 would be fine.
Being said, IBIS in GH5 is convenient for run and gun type of filming where you can't bring monopod/tripod. However, in any case, I believe gimbal (something like zhiyun crane) provides better stabilized footage.

I have tried both GH5 and GH5s and IMO, I prefer to use gimbal whenever I can.

So for most wedding videographers, they will use GH5 or (and) GH5s on gimbal anyway,

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One big question: Can I charge battery through USB-C while using the camera? If it can, it's a big plus as Sony battery is quite expensive and there is no aftermarket battery yet.


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dash2k8: The problem is that Yongnuo and Godox and other third party brands have produced equally powerful flashes for a fraction of the price. Anyone who knows how to use a flash will save tons of money (you could buy two flagship Yongnuo's for the price of one Canon top-tier flash) by buying third party. There simply isn't an advantage to using Canon flashes anymore.

Agree that chinese flash is pretty good these days at reasonable price. However, I must say that they're not consistent like Canon flash, but with the price, I can live with that.
Being said, I own 6 Flashpoint (Godox brand) flashes. I use both TTL and Manual mode during the wedding day. I was frustrated when I first used them on TTL mode. Then, I learned to overcome the adversity and now I'm comfortable to work with Flashpoint (Godox) flash. I like that now I don't have to carry external battery pack anymore since Flashpoint uses Li-on battery. Of course, I still keep other two Canon flashes (600EX-RT) for emergency.

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as much as i like the form factor compare to Canon 70-200L II IS with metabone, i don't like its price...way over consider variable aperture.

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while i like new technology offers, but flying drone recklessly and not obeying the rule is insane. This drone owner should be fined heavily. This kind of drone operation may do harm to people life.

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Miki Nemeth: I had a chance to experiment with GH5S for hours in a local store here, where they had a GH5S on show. I was the only visitor with my son interested in having a look at this camera. The only feature I was interested in and tested for hours was video AF including face tracking and touch to rack focus. It's really weird that Panasonic is churning out video cameras with excellent specifications but with totally unusable and unreliable continuous video auto-focus. The GH5S was micro-hunting, pulsating like crazy, sometimes it looked working ok, then suddenly it went mad. If you are a MF videographer, the GH5S is really great; but, when you need decent video AF, forget about it. I wonder, if I live long enough to see the first Panasonic video camera with (semi) decent video AF.

I'm not a professional videographer ( I'm a wedding photographer), but I want good quality video. I agree with you that AF on Panasonic is not good in term of AF-C. This is no use to me when I want to film the subject wide open and follow the subject). I have G85. While it's a good camera, it's useless for me to do video.
My friend has Sony A6500 and its AF is impressive. I think I will move to Sony for video. The downsize is Sony A6500 does not offer swivel LCD screen like Panasonic does.

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Boissez: Loving the price. Now I just wonder if it can be mounted with other cameras like a GoPro or Sony RX100.

May be you get the mount plate adapter for Gopro like in the link

I used to have Zhiyun smooth-II and it handle gopro with the plate adapter fine. I assume Smooth Q or Osmo 2 mobile will be able to handle it too.

Zhiyun Crane M will work for both mirrorless cam, smart phone and gopro, but it's pricy closed to $400. Another option to look at Moza Aircross ($419) which I'm looking at. So I may choose Crane M or Moza Aircross and skip Smooth Q or Osmo 2 Mobile.

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I'm weighting between Moza Aircross and Zhiyun Crane Plus, but I lean mor to Moza Aircross due to the price and it fits G85 soon GH5 perfectly.

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Time for me to re-use my beloved Canon EOS-3 again. I have books of negative film and slide , but I'll wait to see the review first.

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Rich Evans: No IBIS, No 10bit 60fps, No good autofocus, Not good price, Not enough improvement. No GH5s!!!!

I watch review somewhere in dpreview that GH5s AF is actually very good compare to GH5. If I am a pure videographer, I'll jump in GH5s.

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andyus08: at $129, Osmo is even cheaper than Zhiyun Smooth Q, unless you grab one during black Friday.

I'd wait to see the comparison between Osmo 2 Mobile and Zhiyun Smooth Q as I am planning to get Smooth Q but Osmo makes me hold for it. Just want to get this gimbal to use with Iphone and action cam for summer vacation...

I have Zhiyun smooth-II. while it works fine, its app is so boring. If Osmo 2 mobile app works like the way they advertised, I think I'll get Osmo 2. I don't care much for 360 degree rotation as I've never used it.

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Their MF lens is pretty good at its price. So hopefully, the AF version is at least as good as Canon one, then I'll go for it. I think there are more AF lens for Canon coming out from Samyang. I wish they offer 16-35mm AF lens though

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at $129, Osmo is even cheaper than Zhiyun Smooth Q, unless you grab one during black Friday.

I'd wait to see the comparison between Osmo 2 Mobile and Zhiyun Smooth Q as I am planning to get Smooth Q but Osmo makes me hold for it. Just want to get this gimbal to use with Iphone and action cam for summer vacation...

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I own Canon 135mm F/2. This is great lens and AF is a must for me as I shoot wedding and I need to capture image quick. Being said, I must be careful to handhold 135mm at F2 as either i get tack sharp or useless image at all.
I don't have good handhold, soI have to practice my way to get sharp picture. I heard the rumor about new Canon 135mm F/2 IS. If this lens comes out, then I'll get it. These day, I rely pretty much on IS lens if possible.

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sean lee: new battery should be free for all victims and should get some credits who changed old i phones to new one because of performance.
I feel so sorry for apple as I am apple user since 1990.
I don't think I can trust apple anymore.

agree. I have 2 iphone 6 replaced by iphone 8 already because of the sluggish from old phone. Darn...Apple cheated.

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At least Apple do something about it. I own Iphone 6 and it is extremely slow on, facebook,...all apps. It takes 5 seconds or more to start the app. I thought it was new app couldn't run smooth on old iphone 6.
So for $29, I'll take a chance to replace it because my phone is still in good shape, working fine and I don't see the need for new phone.

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1Dx4me: this lens is not for a guy that is used to Nifty 50!!!! i think the $1599 is a very reasonable price for a lens of this caliber and it will sell like hotcake (to people that understand the value of super lenses such as this) when ready for sale!!! makes me laugh hard when i see some comments that canon should sell this lens for $600!!!! you should stick with your EFS lenses and go away ;-)

Being said, I wish Canon can produce 135L F2 IS as long as the quality is the same or better than older version. For now, I'll stick with 85mm f1.8 until full review of 85mm L 1.4 IS is out.

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I always like something like StreetWalker® Rolling Backpack V2.0 as I shoot a lot on location. Dedicated backpack or roller does not serve my purpose. Being said, I also own lowepro roller and I only use it when I travel out of state.

StreetWalker® Rolling Backpack V2.0 is probably what I will buy once BHphoto has it in stock.

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