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I love his pictures and style of shooting. It's all about to understand the subject and capture the right moment. Dream job!

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Congrat to the couples with their rewarding lifestyle. I'd like to travel and there are many places on my bucket list. However, with family, mortgage, work, kids...etc..., living that dream seems to be out of touch. Hmm...may be we should have done that when we're young, no family, no kids :)

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obviously, this is a type of art ( and I admire the the technique here), but I don't understand why a couple would like this type of offensive wedding (to me it's kind of weird) as wedding is the most beautiful thing ever happened to man and woman. And I agree with some of the folks here that the couple may be an experienced model. IMO, it's a great showcase.

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Emacs23: At the cost of colors?
Although that should not be such a huge problem considering how color blinded modern Canon cameras are.

I'll stick with my trusty 35mm L 1.4 and save $ for 24-70mm L II which i will use often.

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Nukunukoo: I want this camera. I want it to go down to $1800 next year!

some of local news and tv guys in my area start switching to use iphone to record movie clips because bringing large camcorder is not convenient for covering the news. However, i see them still hang a dslr around their neck for taking picture.

So may be XC10 is game changing for them. For me, i probably spend 2500 on new 5D III. We will have to wait and see this in real world experience from the users before judging it.

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Lassoni: What's the camera that the sigma is attached to in the second picture? I don't see mode selector. Some sigma camera?

Canon 1Ds III

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David Rossberg: Cactus... ouch! Those old memories still sting.


Thanks for the link to your review.

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David Rossberg: Cactus... ouch! Those old memories still sting.


Too bad, it does not support Canon 550EX as i have several.

If this thing works great, i think i'll let pocketwizard TT1/TT5/AC3 go. I shoot mostly manual flash when off camera anyway.

I look at their site and the manual does not mention of changing power of strobe. If it does, then it's a big plus for me.

I'll wait and see the review.

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Hmmm....I'm not sure about the how the poll goes, but i would agree with someone here that not all of us can put our hand on all of these gears and gives honest opinion.

I still use 5D II and saving $$$ for 5D III (and yes, i have tried 5D III from some of my friends who own it).

Anyway, it's interesting that Olympus gets in 1st place and i'd love to try it out...

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