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  • Commented on challenge An A to Z of Subjects- Week 6, F

    F has a silent E as in (E)F....emphatic. obvious really. Does Ph... count in foto/photo?

  • Placed 46th in the challenge.
  • Great colours.
  • Sorry it is a bit old....but internetting from China can be frustrating. M240/Summilux 21mm
  • Almost empty since it was supposed to be shut....actually there was restricted entry. Fascinating place and I did take a lot of photos. Lots of old stuff that had been cut back to show the ...
  • Replied in Airports
    Nice set....especially PEK......reminds me of Wednesday when I hopped from foggy PEK to AMS and then to BRS. Thanks too for the advice about the museum in PEK...worked out very well (pics ...
  • Last week I had to steal back the GF1 that I had given to my friend's daughter; my slightly more expensive camera had a battery charger malfunction. But I posted a photo here anyway and was given ...
  • 謝謝您! Well, I knew it was a MiG! But a huge shame they are letting it all decay in the salty sea air. My Chinese is pretty bad but I can get around ok. Will try the museum near the Feiji Daxue....I ...
  • You are right about the Il 28 and An2....licence built with Chinese designations. The half hidden fighter is a MiG 21 with a pointy nose....a Chinese development. The Transport aircraft on the ...
  • Replied in Whoops
    I thought the second was GF1....but no....Leica M240/Summilux 21mm....ho hum..well, it is mirrorless!
  • The battery charger on the Leica M240 gave up so I had to snatch back the GX1 that I gave to my friend's daughter a few years ago. Here is the Leica pic....jpegged to my tablet before the battery ...
  • If it is as bad as the GX7 then get some spare batteries. I mostly use manual primes and that must help. But for a good days shooting you really need spares....if it is anything like the GX7. ...
  • Both good. The BW works well. I wanted to fly Tigers years ago but the costs just got too much. Flew one from a farm strip in Canada....just once....such a good trip.
  • You left the best until last...although the first was close enough! Pity you missed the objective...but these make up for it. Nice images.
  • Nice clearly had good access. Brings back some old memories too....struggling with the aeroelastic analysis of the MRCA tail in the late 60s...later seeing it smoking off from Warton ...
  • An experiment in uploading some jpegs to my little tablet and then a bit of Snapseed. I'll process the RAW properly when I get home. ...mmm not sure if I selected the best from the tiny ...
  • Three recent snaps. I was with a bunch of mates in Dieppe last week. (M240/75mm Summicron) One from the Leica Akademie day in Bristol a few weeks ago (M240/21mm Summilux) And one from a motor bike ...
  • Commented on photo Ingrown wheel in the Wheeeels ! challenge

    ....really nice photo....but looks ever so slightly like a gear to me. Maybe I am wrong...hope so.

  • Replied in Japanese kites
    Not exactly this week,but I have not posted here for a here goes. I spent a couple of weeks in Japan with the traditional kitemakers and at some very old....well, 300 years old, ...
  • Submitted a challenge entry Clement Ader's Avion 3...cockpit detail
    Left the ground on 12 Oct 1897; now in the Musee des Arts et Metiers, Paris
    Placed 59th in the challenge. Left the ground on 12 Oct 1897; now in the Musee des Arts et Metiers, Paris
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