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So...what about the D700?

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On article All about that lens: Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III review (485 comments in total)

I purchased this camera for my wife. Our original plan was to get a comparable camera to what I shoot (a Nikon D700), but, when we considered trying to travel light, lugging 2 BIG camera bags with equipment, didn't sound so great. Then I heard about the upcoming Sony RX10 III, and though there are some compromises, it is a superb travel camera. Reviewers have commented on it's large size, however, my petite wife found the camera's size and heft to be perfect.
This article is well written, however, there is more in this article that supports this camera earning a GOLD standard, rather than the DP Silver, and as owners, GOLD is where we would rank it. There simply is NO other camera, in it's category, that can do everything this one can do. The feel and quality of workmanship and performance are excellent, and when combining it's versatility, this camera is simply the very best option for a travel camera...PERIOD! It's just that good.
Still love my D700 though!

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Stan Wong Photography: My biggest issue with the FZ200 is the bundled software for processing RAW images, SILKYPIX Developer Studio. Its interface is a little slow but the deal breaker for me is that the user must make adjustments one image at a time. And with these tiny sensors, I have to play with the noise reduction setting on all images.

In contrast, with Canon's bundled Digital Photo Professional, I could make the same adjustments to a group of images together.

IMO, this is critical for efficient work flow.

If you want an efficient workflow, don't use the bundled software from ANY camera manufacturer. I have used Adobe Lightroom since version 1.0, and being professional software, it actually works. On the other hand, I'm looking at replacing Lightroom, because I don't rent software, so, I'm through with Adobe.

Serif, who makes Affinity software for Macs, will be coming out with a DAM (Digital Asset Management), sometime in 2016. BTW, group processing is extremely easy to accomplish with Lightroom...as long as you shoot in RAW.

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Mark Hollister: So Adobe didn't ditch their stupid new policy, they only delayed it for *some* users. Dumb. People don't like having their arm twisted. If I were the maker of alternative software to Adobe, I'd be jumping for joy.

Alternatives: (prices as of 01/14/2012))
Aperture: $79.99
Capture NX: $179.95
GIMP: Free
Oloneo PhotoEngine: $149.00
Oloneo HDREngine: $59.00
Photoline - 59 Euros
Pixelmator $29.99
Portrait Professional $39.95 (current 50% off special)

I think there ARE ways to live without Adobe, and their money grabbing policies. As I stated below, I've purchased NIK's software suit, and now I've purchased the TOPAZ suit. I WILL find ways to replace everything I use in CS4.0 (and now CS5.5).

There may be some folks that think they can't live without Adobe, but, I'm not one of them! I'll modify what I do...no matter what it takes, but, I will NEVER be swindled by Adobe again.

I've been with them since PS 4.0, and Lightroom 1.0, but, I can't abide by this totally arrogant and irresponsible shift in customer relations. Personally, I think Adobe better FIRE all those that came up with this policy change, and publicly fall on it's sword.

Bank of America and Chase banks thought they could abuse their customers at will. They thought they were to big to be swayed by public sentiment...

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benjol: I had Ps4. Was waiting for the PS6 upgrade to come. Then Adobe advised their new policy of upgrading. Giving time untill end 2011 for upgrading to PS5 in order to upgrade later to PS6. I purchased the usleless upgrade toward end Nov 2011. Installed it only yesterday 12 Jan 2011. Now Jan 2012 they advised prologation of update from PS3, PS4 untill end of 2012, after me and many others already purchased the PS5 update ? Isn`t it cheating or do I miss something ?

I'm fuming mad at Adobe (due to their recent policy announcement). Yes, I upgraded the last week of Dec 2011 from CS4 for the same reason as everyone else. This "about face" from Adobe reinforces my decision to stop purchasing Adobe products.

My purchase of CS 5.5 will be the last time I ever buy this suit. I refuse to support Adobe by being swindled and defrauded into purchasing every iteration of their software. I just bought the NIK suit as well, and I'll continue to find other software to replace the Adobe titles that I previously purchased (Lightroom, etc.). I'll get all the use I can out of CS5.5 and call it quits.

I'm sure Adobe thinks they have us over a barrel, and they can extort more money from us at will, however, I think I can live without them.

The question is: Can they live without us?

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