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tested on a samsung 8plus. I would say that it works quite well but the subject moves with difficulty and the mobile phone gets very hot, also the recording is done with a lower quality than you see in preview. Anyway interesting application

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Photo of Elia Locardi composed of several blending shots with photoshop:

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On article Sony a7R Mark III review (1258 comments in total)

very nice camera my copy arrived two weeks ago, now i'm doing the first shooting with it (i switched from a7r2) my first pics of today: or ) eye af, WB are so much improved, now I'm just shooting in jpg (sooc) and raw reads them only capture, but the quality of the output is really high. White balance is definitely improved.

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On article Video: Sony a7R III first look (154 comments in total)

does the touch screen works with screen protector?

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I suggest this device (no tons of dongles..just one adapter..problem solved?)

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one for all

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very nice pics. iceland is a real paradise for any photographers..and brand and this olympus seems very good.

if you wanna see my trip in iceland (different brand, sorry) this is the link

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was it a bad copy? .....

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straylightrun: These should be free for those who have bought the flagship models. Seems strange after spending $3200 you need to spend $10 for another app along with the essential time lapse app which is also another $10.

you pay 10$ for 10 licence (you can install on 10 different camera) it costs only 0.90$ a coffe'

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the output can be a RAW file cool!

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Les Wilk: Do we need to wait for Lightroom to include it in its next raw converter release ?

LR read well (IMHO) uncompressed raw file by Sony

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Pedro miguel costa: Hello , i have update the Sony Alpha 7RII firmware 2.0.
and now in capture one software the new RAW's files are just a bunch of pink nosy image , any help.

if someone need images from the new raw format i'm glad to send it vis retransfer.

Co1 doesn't support uncompressed raw (by sony) yet

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very very nice capture, and interview!

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no fujifilm support yet. no good.

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Sony continues its improvments plan.It will be the leader soon.

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SigmaDude: Canon sees impossible. Sony does it.

it's a time to switch to sony, thanks for help decision Canon.

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On article Fujifilm X100T (beta) real-world samples (101 comments in total)

I like fujifilm camera, I had x100s, xe1, xpro1 and now I have x-t1.

but..after 2 years from x100s...I don't see ...big improvments (same AF and sensor, no WR, no tilt screen)

..I prefer my x-t1 + 27 pancake instead x100s (xt1 is wr, tilt screeen, good grip, iso control, etc):

why do you choose x100t instead x-t1 (or x-e2)+27? for 5mm?

size comparison (xt1+27 vs x100s):
(xe2+27 vs x100s) :

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On article Fujifilm offers silver X-T1 and firmware update (137 comments in total)

flash news from fujirumors tweet "“Don’t worry they’ll do it [admin: introduce the 32,000 shutter speed to the black X-T1 via firmware]. The shutter is new on the Graphite but on the Blacks the update will work its trick. The EVF shuts down whilst taking the picture, the shutter opens and the sensor sends what it sees to the SD card instead of the EVF. I cannot go into more details (I work for Fuji and I am under NDA) but again the update will allows us to shoot at those crazy speed, it’s coming !!!!”"

..note: x-t1 has a new sensor, for x-t1 black ....different story, need a trick to have 1/32000.. (does it reduce the lifetime of the our mirrorless?

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On article Fujifilm announces weather-resistant XF 50-140mm F2.8 (226 comments in total)
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Just another Canon shooter: Fuji (76-213/4.2 eq): 995g
Canon 70-200/4 IS: 760g
Nikon 70-200/4 VR: 860g
Sony 70-200/4 OS: 840g

" is f2.8 on a 36mm full frame the same as f2.8 on 24mm APSC?"

for the same exposure, YES. on all formats.

" is f2.8 on a 36 mm full frame the same as f2.8 on 24 mm APSC?"

no., on aps-c is 4.2

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MauroTandoiphoto: too late, I sold my nikon gears for canon + fujifilm

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