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SHR100: For some reason it is impossible to bring up a picture to this challenge.
In other challenges it works.

Yes, I can't upload a picture to this challenge. It won't allow me to check the agreement box.

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On photo On the beach in the The Bride challenge (2 comments in total)

Isn't this a composite?

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Good stuff Alfie! Great processing too.

I'm in Japan too, and have been working as a photographer sporadically, mostly weddings, minor idoru CD covers, events, among other things, think we may even have mutual acquaintances here (El-Brandon, a wonderful and committed photographer) Good that you have kept your focus, that's the most difficult thing for me.

Good luck with everything!

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On photo Ann in the Aperture 2.8 or Larger + 50mm focal length challenge (2 comments in total)

Very nice portrait. I am not familiar with this lens at all, but it has a great (dare I say?) 'Noctilux', look about it.

Congrats on the win!

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On article Miggo Strap and Grip review (86 comments in total)
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Dennis: And people blast Sony for having a kit lens that's too big for the NEX ... now there's a wrist strap that's a bath towel with a mounting plate sewn into it ! I think they should call it the "Linus" (in honor of the Peanuts character) - it's a camera strap and security blanket all in one.

A very clever idea...kudos to the inventor. From a cursory reading of the comments so far it would seem that no-one has actually used this strap, so, why judge?

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What a lot of old women there are on this site.

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(unknown member): I love this 20 year old shot!
That's peace in the big city for me.

Thanks....this is a definite favourite of mine too!

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On photo Putney Bridge, Bath in the ~ HDR ~ challenge (5 comments in total)
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(unknown member): It's Pulteney Bridge, not "Putney" or "Pultney"... bad. Thank god I'm not a copywriter.

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On photo tatra in the Roots challenge (12 comments in total)

Am kicking myself for only adding my comment at this late stage, when controversy has already been added into the mix. When I saw this photograph this morning, I wanted to comment, but left it. This surely is one of the most stunning landscapes I've seen on this forum, and I love it.

Many thanks for putting this up here, and good luck with taking similarly masterful photographs, in beautiful locations, in the future.


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