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Stephen Scharf: I won't get into all the reasons why I think this is an inaccurate & poorly considered review, but a lot reviewers *completely miss* one of the principal reasons the X-H1 is larger & stronger than the X-T2: Fujifilm stated in 2017 that making a 200mm f/2.0 lens would “require an entirely new camera body”; Fuji increased the strength of the frame with a notably stronger & stiffer frame w/ considerable reinforcement in the frame & steel ribs for stiffening at the lens mount for mounting long, fast prime telephotos & MK Cine lenses. The stiffness required can't be overstated, as the new long, heavy primes will exert a lot of force (load) on the lens mount. Here's some data: the X-H1 is only *5%* larger in 2 of 3 dimensions, & 10% larger at minimal depth, to fit the IBIS. Its ~170 g heavier, & but weighs *less* than an X-T2 w/ a RRS L-plate. Does this matter in the real world? No. An X-H1 is still considerably smaller and lighter than a Nikon D500, its main APS-C DSLR competitor.

And a D500 it ain't

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