Andre Affleck

Lives in United States Manhattan Beach, CA, United States
Joined on Dec 1, 2003


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IMG_1254IMG_1254_compDR ComparisonHot Pixels2.04um & 8.2um 100%Upsampled comparison with NRDownsampled comparisonUpsampled comparisonexp-triangle225 feetD800 5DIII D700 Before 200%D800 5DIII D700 Blur 200%D800 5DIII D700 BeforeD800 5DIII D700 BlurD800 D700 Upres BeforeD800 D700 Upres BlurD4 vs 1DX with NR 12800 CropD4 vs 1DX with NR 12800D4 vs 1DX with NR 12800 Crop HighlightD800_UnsharpenedD800_Capture_NR_OutputD800_NR_Output_Capture5 feet same10 feetISLmoireRemove Moireskull&crossbonesD515E28F97EC45928C8D40782CCA055CDownsample 50Downsample 75Downsample 85Downsample Orig5DII vs D7000cropCrop_blurD800 Res Chart before & after5DII Res Chart HiPass before & afterD800 Res Chart HiPass before & after5DII Res Chart before & afterSetupBlur ComparisonLighterDarker with 1.5 pushcrop2jack daniels old no 7BlurSize