Lives in United Kingdom cheshire, United Kingdom
Works as a full time mother & carer
Joined on Jun 6, 2008
About me:

I am married and ive got 4 wonderful children , 2 of my children have autism and my eldest son just after his 19th birthday he suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage , he also suffers with Autism . my eldest daughter also has autism and my 2nd eldest son has special educational needs , i have 3 pet cats and we live in Cheshire in the uk . I've been taking photos since i was a very young child and the first camera i bought myself was an Olympus ,over the many years i gone through Sony , Olympus and Panasonic , I've never owned any other brand of camera . I'm a full time carer to my children with special needs and taking photos is what i love a lot of including cycling and using the home computers and sorting out the houses finances ... lol . but photography has always been my best of hobbies , even though I'm still quite amateurish , but I've just enrolled myself in a full photography course .


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