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This site is mostly about new products - announcements and reviews of interesting products. This article is right - Sony has just plain delivered more new product than other companies. Canon has been pretty quiet - Nikon, if not for the D850 release (yes, it is excellent) has been in a virtual coma. So, yes, the news has been about Sony.

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Sure you can get it under $2000 if you have a Sony lens laying around your house. If not - you can't get a functioning camera for less than $2000

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surlezi: Lots of people commenting here are not after a 2000$ body but more after a 1000$ or even 500$.

Of course you can have a used 6D, D610 or even A7 plus lenses for the same price. But it’s irrelevant, they just can’t afford a 2000$ body plus lenses and should be looking somewhere else.

You can currently get a D750+24-120/4+battery grip (brand new) for the same price as the A7iii body. Hmmmm.

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brownie314: Wow - $3000 worth of equipment. I have a 55-300 on a d5500 that looks very competitive with this for less than $700.

But - that is the point - compare the two galleries. The pany is not better and especially not significantly better than the give away DX kit lens from Nikon. Now - you say it is on Nikon's top DX body - sure, it is. But in an IQ test - it would have performed the same or better on a D5500. I just can't see the "better" in this pany lens. Maybe it was just the terrible selection of images that don't show its ability - not sure. But in the few images that are sharp - it doesn't look significantly better to me.

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Wow - $3000 worth of equipment. I have a 55-300 on a d5500 that looks very competitive with this for less than $700.

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KLO82: It seems that an FF body with:
1. f2.8 or f4 zooms
2. many direct controls, specially AF controls
3. decent AF
4. very responsive/ fast
5. robust
- is the recipe for a photojournalist's camera.

Vesa - ML are far from toys. What you are seeing is that pro togs tend to use systems with lots of good accessory support (lenses, flash systems, etc). Also - since canon and Nikon have been the tog standard for a very long time, it is no surprise that many pros still shoot this equipment as it is very expensive to change (due mostly to lenses). So - it isn't that ML systems are toys, it is just that, in a pro sense, need lots of time to achieve any penetration in the market.

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Cornu: Nikon has such a talent to choose exactly the wrong path at the wrong time. When it was great to have full frame DSLRs, Nikon told its customers that this is a bad idea and they will never go FF.
Now we have computational photography, outstanding APS-C sensors and even MFT sensors start to show decent quality. What a time to go FF in mirrorless.
And think of the competition - Leica M + SL, Sony A99 + A7 and friends. It will not be an easy entry for Nikon.

Agreed - I think something like D500, but ML and smaller (slightly) would hit the market just right.

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Lou Cohen: Too late for my needs. After literally 50 years of using exclusively Nikon, two years ago I tried a Panasonic G7 for my wedding photography, and found there was no difference. But the Panasonic MFT gear was much cheaper, much lighter, and much less tiring to carry all day than the Nikon gear.
Horses for courses; for MY needs, the MFT gear is ideal.

Have you found any difficulty with default colors from Panasonic? I tried the g7 as well, but could not make the colors work for me even after heavy PP. If I made skin look right, the grass was off, etc, etc....

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What this looks like to me is there are a lot of very experienced photographers out there with some very good equipment that is a fee years older. Let's revisit this data in 10 years and see what equipment people are using.

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brownie314: If Sony would update the A5100, I think no one would be interested in this camera.

Yes, you are right. They will. Based on name alone.

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If Sony would update the A5100, I think no one would be interested in this camera.

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Wow - thats really cool Nikon. Now - should I buy the Canon M6 or the Sony A6500? Hmmmm.

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Oh, cu. So we can watch the moon and stars traverse the sky - all in very slow motion.

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Ebrahim Saadawi: You can't even accept the fact that Canon made a new good feature that benefits a large user base, even with 100% proof by

The ability to have a middle ground between Jpeg and Raw file size, that's much much closer to RAW in actual IQ, is a huge feature and a huge upgrade for my personal shooting (Jpeg).

I wouldn't have imagined that resolution, lowlight, noise, texture would be so unaffected even in the ridiculously pushed HDR files, but here they are, almost identical for that massive space difference!

And for those saying it's either RAW or crap, just try to make some sense before forming an opinion. Why wouldn't retaining 90% of the sensor information be better than 50%, just because a 100% exists? It's a ridiculous notion. (and BTW nothing's 100% and each manufacturer cooks Raws in their own way)

Agreed. I have always shot RAW. But recently - now that I am starting to run out of places to put all of these files - I am considering still shooting RAW - but then processing to taste and then deleting all the RAWs. Just because they take up so much space. This new c-raw looks pretty good to me.

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On article Hands-on with the Sony a7 III (584 comments in total)
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So it is definitely a camera for people who do not know what they are doing!

My Ferrari has cup holders - but I don't use them when racing.

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Featherchaser: People need to stop confusing mirrorless cameras with innovative cameras. Video started with a DSLR, DSLTs started from DSLRs, Live View started from DSLRs, medium format couldn't give a damn about whether you have a mirror, but yet somehow DSLR=reeeeee needs muh innovayshun and mirrorless = yay! more camcorder in my stills camera yay!

Its true - Sony could have made the A7III with a mirror box and it would not have changed the feature set at all (if they had the space in the mount). It is a perception thing. The market leaders in DSLR (Canon - Nikon) do not seem to be innovating that much (especially in the video department). And people want value for money. If I am to spend over $2K on a body it should be a media device capable of both great stills and spectacular video. Right now - C&N provide great stills. But video - they are behind the curve. And it isn't the mirror box stopping them. Just a lack in features in the body.

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Anulu: Money come from the left pocket to the right... Does it really matter ?

It does if you want to put a competitive product on the market (meaning things customers are willing to buy)

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brownie314: maybe some discounts coming?

What is the best deal you see right now Miike?

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I think the golden age of digital cameras is over. The manufacturers benefited in that short time between the full digital switch over from film to digital of SLRs and the time it took to get really good imaging into cell phones. Now most people are more than happy with what they can get from their cell phones. I still like my DSLRs for what they can give me. But I am not most people - I have higher expectations than most for images. There was a time when it was not uncommon to see people walk around with DSLRs. Now - they are becoming very rare (just anecdotal).

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