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I guess we are all wrong here. ADOBE is happy to get a rid of hobbies and semi profi istockers, who buy once, do not upggrade for 5 years, do not need new features, use 30% of PS potential, do not need any cload gigs for team work. We are pain in the ass for them.

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Leon V: An alternate FREE image editor for PC users: PIXBUILDER STUDIO (http://www.wnsoft.com/pixbuilder/). This was mentioned in another forum. I downloaded it and looked it over. They copied many of Photoshop panels, functions, tools, tone and color adjustment panels, etc. (even has layers). Not as sophisticated but for amateurs it will do for photo editing. For tutorials and YouTube videos google "pixbuilder studio tutorials".

The issue with exotic software, whatever quality it might be, is that newbee user will hardly find a book how to step in and do advanced functions of picture manipulation.

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Vinc T: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-12-13/adobe-revenue-profit-top-estimates-on-software-demand.html
"Adobe expects profit for the full fiscal year 2013 to be $1.40 per share on sales of $4.1 billion. Paid subscribers to the Creative Cloud service will grow to more than 1.25 million by the end of next year, the company said, meaning revenue should become more predictable."

Those 1.25 million subscribers (assuming they could get that many) would have to pay (4100/1.25/12) or $273 each month to give Adobe the same revenue in 2014? I am not good at math but if I get it right this time, it doesn't look good at all! Anyone could double check the calculation for me?

the CC does not represent 100% of ADOBE revenue....there is a strong crowd noise against the new policy, but I would not underestimate the busines maths ADOBE did before the announcement.

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ssh33: So, what are the Photoshop and Lightroom alternatives on the PC and Mac?

I used Corel when dinosaurs roamed earth - it was a full featured suite and I switched to Adobe just because everyone else seemed to use it at the time. Photoshop was not any better as far as the functionality goes. Is Corel any good now?

Corel AfterShot Pro is only $59, looks like the perfect Lightroom replacement.

I like GIMP, use it on Linux.

What are the others?


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sebastian huvenaars: I like coca cola far better than its competitors, this doesn't mean i drink it all the time but so once in a while i buy a bottle.

A couple of days ago coca cola announced they want to make me pay on a monthly base and promise me they'll make sure my fridge will never be empty again.

And you will enjoy the latest design of the bottle.....

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DavidMaven: Back to film and chemical darkrooms! Buy an enlarger once, you own it forever.

Adobe will make hostages of Lightroom users next.

Are not you a hostage of film maker?

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I wonder what ADOBE CEO would think to come to his car in the morning and the speedmeter is on the other side of the dashboard, windows lever is on the back seat and whipers levers on the other side of driving wheel. Next weeks the gears are reversed etc... anyway he enjoys the latest features of his RRoyce

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Mateusz P: Moving to CC is good only for people who constantly use the software and paying $60 per month is effordable. I look into my PS once in a while (1-2 times per month), I bought the box for the company and I believe I will use this version for the next few years. If from some reason I will have to resign from this version I will have to find another application for photo retouching, even $25 (the 1 application fee) is to high for two opennings per month..
And btw, this thing is a great option for companies like Google, MS to develop fast some retouch appication and people like me will probably move to it one day:(

It is good for Scott Kelby, who writes books about the latest features, but not for "normal" user who manage the tool and does not need to learn every second week where the icons are...

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I would accept subscription. But if I stop the plan I would like the software stay Working as it is. To prevent people to cheat with such a plan there can be various condition how to renew the subscription in the future. There can be also some minimal length of subscription to be qualified For such a running software

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Guidenet: I'd love to be locked into CS6 and the current version of Adobe Camera RAW. Do it to me, except one big thing. Let me be able to buy camera modules for new cameras over the years.

You see, this is what Adobe has held over us in the past and still with this new rental agreement. When you get a new camera and unless you have the latest version of ACR and Photoshop, ACR will fail to recognize your RAW files. If you try to upgrade ACR to a version that will, it will often not work with your current version of Photoshop.. most often. So, you must upgrade Photoshop in order to be even able to upgrade your ACR to be able to convert the RAW files on your new camera.

So the idea that we can lock into some version really doesn't mean much. If you buy a new camera, you'll be forced to get on the wagon, same as now. There is just no choice under this rental scheme. It's a complete scam. ;-(

cannot you convert/edit your pictures with canon professional for example? And continue with PS if necessary? I see you have NIKON, I guess there must be bundled RAW converter coming with camera

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Picturenaut: I have the feeling that Adobe turns out to be the Microsoft of imaging business, they may be on the way to lose contact to the majority of their customers. Adobe should take the Windows 8 disaster as a writing on the wall.

Cloud computing has its pros and cons, I expect most software providers to move to CC. For us in Germany, as an example, this could be a disaster, since our grid is vintage and our telecommunication companies don't invest. At the latest if many people here start to edit their videos using cloud, the whole net will break down... I am not sure which countries in the world are in the same situation but this may cut sales potential for Adobe seriously. And will China allow free CC traffic with Adobe's servers? Including "critical" image material? Wouldn't bet on it.

I use Photoshop CS6, LR 4, and other Adobe stuff, and I will definitely will make up my mind about leaving Adobe's ship on the long run. Clever rats always find other good ships ;-)

CC would make sense only if it is conveniet ALTERNATIVE to compare with todays licence . If it is more expensive, less interesting and hated, it makes no sence.Seems ADOBE will loose loyality of crowds which sooner or later turns out to be bad decision.

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bossnas: I'm so glad I went back to shooting on film. I don't need a subscription to any software to make prints in the darkroom or to make scans.

How much you pay for films per month?

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For hobbies I guess the solution will come via hackers who enable the cc downloaded files to work perpetually.

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See www.zoner.com

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This is really sad picture......
Well done

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interesting, could be an explanation for Nazca drawings....

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if there is so short wedding season, she should look around for another opportunity on the top. How about funerals?

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Sjakie1956: I'm always so impressed that some people can place a negative verdict about a camera they have never seen, held, or seen results from it.
If you look at the quality of the camera's of today then it's very hard if not impossible to make huge improvements.
Take 5 top camera's, make the same picture and print it on 1x1,5 meter and I dare every "specialist" to see the difference at a distance of 1 meter. I'm sure that no one can tell with picture comes from with camera.
We all have preferences for one brand or another, but that doesn't mean that "not my brand" can't be good as well.

the main differentiator for me is how the camera can survive deserts, winter, wet etc environment....

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