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In case you haven't seen this, the new Ryzen CPUs are better than the best Intel can offer for Lightroom performance at all price points, and at the very top too:

As far as I can remember, Intel has always been the best choice for Lightroom, the Zen 2 architecture and AMD's aggressive pricing have changed that.

The new Threadripper CPUs will likely help batch exports, but otherwise a Ryzen 3000 system is likely to be a better bet for Lightroom. The Threadrippers will be better for other forms of content creation than still image processing.

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adengappasami: Having used the iPhone 11 pro, have to say pixel is struggling with details. IPhone 11 is the camera phone to beat

@SHood: correct for regular shots, however, in Night Sight super resolution is _always_ used. In general if you don't need speed, shoot in Night Sight.

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XeroJay: For those seeing "massive gains" with the update; I'm curious if anyone is actually monitoring their gpu utilization. I have seen zero utilization in the library module, and zero utilization when exporting. It's still only the develop module that sees any benefit, even with the full gpu acceleration box checked (Vega 64). Can anyone actually confirm gpu utilization with the library module or export?

Is there any evidence that ACR is using the GPU at all?

I think the GPU is simply used to generate an approximate rendering of what the adjustment is doing, but at a munch faster speed so that the controls remain interactive... All actual rendering is still done on the CPU which is why export/import/sync-develop-settings are not improved.

You can see this happening by creating a gradient filter with a noticeable change (e.g. increase exposure, sharpness and texture) and then spin it around a few times on an image. If you look closely, while you rotate the filter the affected pixels are rendered at lower quality. When you stop moving, or release the mouse button, it is replaced with a higher quality rendering.

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XeroJay: For those seeing "massive gains" with the update; I'm curious if anyone is actually monitoring their gpu utilization. I have seen zero utilization in the library module, and zero utilization when exporting. It's still only the develop module that sees any benefit, even with the full gpu acceleration box checked (Vega 64). Can anyone actually confirm gpu utilization with the library module or export?

Barney, it might be that the files that you imported were in your filesystem cache in between imports. You can work around this by using removable media and disconnecting it in between imports, or simply restarting your system in between imports.

I'm not sure that would account for such a big difference as you are seeing, but it may be behind some of the speedup you're seeing.

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On article Huawei P30 Pro: The new benchmark for smartphone zoom (555 comments in total)
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(unknown member): Keep in mind that this article was written by Lars Rehm, who works for Dxomark. Dxomark published the review of the P30 Pro during the presentation/announcement(!) of the P30 Pro and Huawei also mentioned Dxomark's review during the presentation.
Note that Dxomark reviews some phones months after their release or doesn't review them at all, for example it hasn't reviewed the HMD Nokia 9 yet.

@Lars Rehm: to be fair, you haven't answered the question. It would go a long way to engender trust in your articles if you simply stated what Huawei provided to you be it a review unit, free travel to an event, cash to fastrack a DxO review, none of the above, etc.

Since you know this industry a little bit, you must know that many review outlets (including DpReview) are upfront about things like this.

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OneLeggedCat: Does Google Photos still down-convert videos from 60fps to 30fps? I can live with a lot of compromises, but not that one.

60fps videos uploaded from my Pixel _play_ at 30fps on the web, but when you download the original file, it's still 60fps. So theoretically they just need to update their playback to support 60fps.

This may be the same for 60fps videos uploaded in other ways.

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Shiranai: Basically what Huawei and others had since a few generations, just with intelligent image aligning instead of just "stupid" merging.

@Raintitan: "t I don't want a night image that looks like day"

Two options: 1) Use the regular HDR+ mode (or HDR+ enhanced). 2) Chose Night Sight, tap an area to expose on, use the slider to change the exposure to what you like. Easy.

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bluevellet: Why is this even news-worthy for this site?

@Cheezr: while you're right about Top Shot (extracting an alternate frame is at a poor resolution, better than nothing, but still not great IMO) everything else you said doesn't match up with my experience. If you're getting subject-motion blurred photos in reasonable low light, you may have a defective phone.

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Very interesting. I love how a few photos told the story more succinctly and effectively than even a few page of prose could.

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On article Our favorite gear, rewarded: DPReview Awards 2017 (526 comments in total)
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justmeMN: The Nikon DL series of cameras got the DPR 2017 Vaporware Award.

I'm still sad that the DL 18-50 wasn't released :(

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On article Best compact zoom cameras in 2021 (435 comments in total)

I still don't understand how the RX100m5 got as low a score from DPReview as it did. Especially considering how high the score for the RX100m4 (which I own) got.

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Mateus1: Tiny sensor (without PDAF in 2018) in giant and heavy body that equals FF and offers 25% IQ of it? And to pay for it $1700?

I am not mad.

@Swerky: you're right that f-numbers are a ratio beween the focal length and the diameter of the aperture. However, that doesn't mean that an f/2 on M43 captures the same amount of light as a full frame f/2 does.

It will capture the same amount of light _per unit area_ on the sensor, but since the FF sensor is roughly 4x the size, an f/2.8 FF lens captures more _total_ light than an f/2.8 M43 lens.

If you were to put an f/1.4 lens on the M43 camera then they would both be capturing the same amount of light. Your exposure will change if you do this though, and so you can keep the shutter speed the same but lower the ISO on the M43 camera bringing the IQ closer to the FF*.

Anyway, summary is each option has different compromises, and it's up to the photographer to pick the tool that works best for them. I've settled on FF and 1" sensor cameras, but would be quite happy to work with this G9!

* Assuming that you don't overflow the photon well capacities of each sensel.

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On article Canon EOS M100 review (786 comments in total)

Why would I get an M100 over a Sony a5100?

If I already had EF-M lenses, then it would be pretty obvious, but if all I have are EF lenses and don't want to use adapters, doesn't the fact that the a5100 has a wider lens selection and costs less mean it would be the better option for a beginner?

I'm not trolling here, I shoot Canon and Sony and would like to know whether I'm missing something here :)

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angus rocks: When are they, Google, going to start their loss-less Jpeg compression? Are we going to have to upload all are pics, again next year?

I'd prefer a lossy 16-bit option instead. Something like webp or JPEG-XR.

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On article Canon EOS 6D Mark II Review (1103 comments in total)
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Marty4650: I like the way Dpreview puts every review into the context of the times. A few years ago, this would be an amazing camera and an exceptionally good value. Today, it is pretty mediocre considering the competition it is up against and the cost.

Still.... no one can deny that the 6D II is still an outstanding camera, and a cheaper way to get into Canon full frame. So it is great news for Digital Rebel users wanting to move up in the same lens econsystem, but not such great news for Canon when competing with Nikon, Sony and even Pentax for first time buyers.

I don't understand how a 'mediocre' and overpriced camera gets an 80% score. That doesn't sound 'mediocre' to me, especially considering that the A6000 also got an 80% score...

From reading the review, this camera sounded more like a mid-70 score.

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On article Canon EOS 6D Mark II Review (1103 comments in total)
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KubeKube: The score should reflect the overall conclusion of the pros and cons of a given camera. This doesn't seem to be the case here. For example, back in 2014 DPR awarded the same, 80 percent score to Sony A6000 recognizing the camera's novelty and excellent overall quality. Giving the same score to a camera which even the reviewers admit falls short compared to most of its peers and even compared to crop-sensor models indicates a positive bias toward Canon or lack of consistency when calculating score. At this price ($1,999) 6D II should be recognized for what it is - a technological and marketing failure on the part of Canon.

Better than the A6000??

Looking at the body alone, even ignoring that fact that the 6D2 is released 3 years later at more than 2x the price, I'd say that the A6000 is just as good if not better.

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It's not often that I come across one of these awards posts and love every single image. Inspiring stuff!

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DualSystemGuy: A gross exaggeration that defies all objective data we have seen so far - sounds like he just has a bone to pick with Google since his departure and wanted a headline.

This individual was asked to leave google and is clearly bitter about it - curiously that was left out of the article.

Also why is DPR reporting on such blatant clickbait designed to start brand arguments and generate traffic? This isn't buzzfeed. A new low for DPR "news".

Agreed. DPR, you are (were?) better than this.

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On article Opinion: DJI has abandoned professionals (403 comments in total)
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Alcala John: I appreciate that this will be an unpopular view but all drones should come with such limitations by default. Professionals aside, nobody 'needs' to fly a camera drone. Here in the UK, there have been too many 'near misses' with aircraft, too many used for illegal activities, invasion of privacy, too many incidents of them being used on nature reserves & other protected areas, etc to ignore the need for limiting their use. Unrestricted drones should only be available to those professionals for whom one is a necessary adjunct of their work. For the rest of us, it's only an extension of a hobby which everyone carried on perfectly well without a drone for decades.

@BadScience: but that is not what Franz and Turretless are saying at all. They're saying that since we don't deal with "Y" by going overboard and banning it outright, we shouldn't do the same with "X".

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BokehFanatic: So many (predictable) complaints here...

When a new BMW 3 series (or a similar car, before anybody starts attacking BMW) comes out, it's seldom "innovative" or a "game-change". Do people buy a different car immediately that does have the latest features? I think that's a minority.

In the meantime this new BMW is extremely solid, well build, and you know you get the quality. Many people will love to have one, and they will be satisfied using it.

It doesn't mean everyone should buy this new and "boring" BMW, but bashing it for "not being innovative" is shortsighted...

Moreover, don't forget companies' goal is not to release the best possible camera ever, but the camera that fits within their line-up, that will be sold (with a good profit margin) and that customers be happy. Except for those few of you, who don't even buy a another camera because "this one is such a turn-off" but like to complain on the internet instead, I think Canon will be successful with this new 6DII.

@BokehFanatic: I think you may be missing the point... what if there was another car maker with a reputable brand who was releasing a better car for less and had been doing so for years prior to the new 3-series? Wouldn't people rightly be disappointed that BMW hadn't kept up?

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