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Marksphoto: so what, I remember canon announced something something with the new sensor technology more than a year ago, I don't see them implementing the new technologies in their new DSLR's... Talk is cheap.

you think they are developing lego bricks? you just don't see the hard work behind, that's all.

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marc petzold: http://oleliodden.com/photo-gear/field-reviews/beta-test-report-nikon-d5/

Beta D5 Review. According to Ole J. Liodden, who tested the D5 in very rough, extreme conditions, his D4s died, but not the D5....so weather sealing seems to be also improved, for these professional guys, you know....think national geographic or someone like him, who really needs to get the shot, into whatever harsh climate conditions.

The salt water may have entered the camera in a different manner. Even the best DSLR are not waterproof, just splash proof. That's why there are no IP rating.

Link | Posted on Jan 13, 2016 at 07:45 UTC
On article Hands-on with the Nikon D5 (409 comments in total)

either with dual CF or dual XQD slots. Yeap its the best decision Nikon ever make.

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AEY: Body so big but 4k so tiny 3 min per clip. Why??

Seriously who takes a single continuous long shot in their production? Besides you need a very powerful PC to edit 4K.

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Can the videos be rotated like Richo Theta?

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Franka T.L.: Would be a great platform for time lapse, it seems, can leave it in the open with continuous running capture say a shot every 5 minutes

A drone can only last 25 mins, whats the point?

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DrBucky: Where did he mount the theta s 360 to?

I don't get it. If it is on the lanparte why can't we see it?
Lanparte also seems only to fit cell phone size devices?

Check this https://youtu.be/3uaqxTUkVWI

he mount it on a gimbal

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winkalman: Hopefully 4K video will push this into the "acceptable" quality range and force a 4K Theta from Ricoh sooner rather than later. Depending on price and weight, I could see this being a pretty attractive option for the action cam niche that wants spherical 360º video.

Thetha is 1080p, just that it shows up badly in youtube.

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wetsleet: Does this thing capture a full sphere, or just 360 degrees like the name implies?

i suppose full sphere, same 2 lenses construction like Ricoh.

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On article Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 quick review (22 comments in total)

IQ looks terrible

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Rooru S: Sony A99 LCD tilting-rotating screen is better. Why make something so complicated just to make it different?

why are you asking a stupid question?

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forpetessake: Sony is responsible for a lot of technical advances. But even the latest and greatest (and quite expensive) cameras still can't produce good skin colors. On the other hand, Sony still struggles to produce good quality lenses, even the Zeiss badge doesn't help. Until they fix those issues they'll do better as a sensor supplier to the other companies.

Seriously, if you guys are using this category of camera equipment and don't get good images, you are to be blamed for the sub standard photography skills.

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andy amos: Excellent idea! fantastic design and usability! but I'm going to have to wait for the plastic MKII for 20 bucks.....and if they don't do one someone else will!!

the Chinese will, just wait.

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RichRMA: Some of these Kickstarter efforts give me the creeps. They haven't even got the money to make a prototype? You don't need $50,000 injection molds to make a prototype. Which basement is this coming out of?

yep. with 3d printers around these days, it could be even cheaper.

Link | Posted on Sep 17, 2015 at 07:20 UTC

Extra high capacity battery and SSD inside the camera mount would be good. but after i saw the price ............

Link | Posted on Sep 17, 2015 at 07:17 UTC as 64th comment
On article BSI Boss? Sony Alpha 7R II added to studio scene (514 comments in total)

Its amazing to see that the 750 is still a notch better than the AR2 in term of noise.

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rekky: Thom Hogans posting a few days ago, "Ultimately, Only You Are the Judge" is very apropos. It discusses needs vs wants. I suggest that everyone considering a camera upgrade read it. I am shooting with a D7100 and am constantly improving my skills. The D750 is an excellent camera, of course; significantly better than the D7100. But, if you look at any of the photo sharing sights, you will see fantastic photos taken with cameras such as the D300 and D90, D700, and even older cameras. If you can't produce that type of results with a D7100 or D700 or D300 or D90, what makes you think that upgrading to a D750 will magically allow you to get to that level. Thom Hogan's post says it much better than I am.

As for me, I'm going to stick to my D7100 and continue to work on improving my skills; of course I wouldn't complain if I received the D750 as a gift.

Like it or not, whether you need it or not, digital camera is going to keep improving. As always, skills are the most important in photography. I have seen many people using D4s taking substandard photos. Can afford, get it. Can't afford, don't bother.

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On article Google launches Nexus 6 with 13MP and OIS (101 comments in total)
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Joel Benford: I've never seen a 493 ppi screen, I thought the "retina" was meant to be all we need.

Is 493ppi useful?

Is it regularly useful?

If it's not regularly useful, would we be better off with more battery life?

Samsung, LG, Nexus brings Apple's retina to whole new retard level for quite some time already.

Link | Posted on Oct 16, 2014 at 15:00 UTC
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