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About me:

Current Equip:
Sony NEX-5N wide angle adapter for 16mm lens. Zeiss Distagon T* 35 f2 ZE.
Sony NEX-5 16mm and 18-200mm E mount. Canon EOS and FD - NEX-5 Lens adapter. FD 50mm f1.2
Microprism split image focusing screen for 7D (bought from Katzeye)
Tokina 11-16 f2.8
Canon 24-70 f2.8L
Zeiss 35mm f2 ZE distagon (bought 1/10)
7D (bought Sep 09)
40D (Sold in Sep 09)
35L (just recently bought again Feb 08)
50 1.8 I (sold and bought again)
17-55 (sold and bought again)
24-105 (just sold and bought 35L)
100 2.8 macro
100-400 (Sold and bought again)
580 II
Canon 1.4x
B&W CP Filter
B&W ND Filter (3 stops)
EOS 650 (no longer use)

Sold in order:
Sony 717
35-105 (gave away)
Sigma 28-300
Tamron 17-50 (gave away - bad value on resale)
70-200 f4 IS
70-200 f2.8
70-200 f2.8 IS
35L (Just bought again Feb 08)
Sigma 105 macro
Tokina 12-24
16-35 II
Tokina 11-16

Love to use prime but too inconvenient for my use. 5D has great image quality (better than 40D) but has slow shutter lag (75ms) and slow compact flash recording time (can't see the image immediately on the LCD... have to wait a little even on Sandisk Extreme III). This is why I sold the 5D for the 40D. The 40D has faster shutter lag (only 55ms) and you can see the image on the LCD almost instantly after taking the picture...

Update: I do miss the 5D image though... The 5D does have a pop on the images it produced... I will definitely consider the 5D mark II. Also instead of switching the 24-105 to 24-70, I decided to keep the 24-105 and bought the 17-55 to complement it.

Update: I do miss the 5D b/c what I see on the view finder is what I get on the picture. On the crop camera, I have to make mental adjustment for how much more it will show on the picture due to the crop.

Update: Just sold the 24-105L and bought the 35L. I do find that I have been using the 50 f1.8 more and more because it allows me to be more creative with the fast glass. I recently bought the 35L and hopefully I will find more use for it than the 50 f1.8. Since I bought the 17-55, I don't use the 24-105L as often therefore the reason to sell it to fund part of the 35L.

Update: Just sold the 40D and pre-order the 7D on B&H. This is the first time that I feel very excited about a new camera... can't wait... I like two new features of the 7D: the 19 points AF feature and the 100% view feature (what you see is what you get).

Update: Love my 7D. The 100% view finder and AF are fantastic. I also recent added the Zeiss 35mm f2 ZE Distagon and also change the 7D focusing screen to a microprism split image focusing screen. This screen is great for manual focus. I love it. www.focusingscreen.com

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