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Other gear:
  • CANON "D50" - meters, that is... See my article, "Imagining CANON D50"... the diving community expects an amphibious camera which would replace legendary Nikonos (meaning III or V, for, IMHO, models IVa and RS have been flops)

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Olympus Stylus 725 SW (mju 725 SW Digital)
Olympus SP-570 UZ
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T7
Well done. Due to its watertight body, it's an allround companion with limited diving depths. Good for snorkeling, though.
Good, small-volume prosumer with 20x zoom lens. It still works very fine, after many thousands of shots. A tad slow in reaction (shutter lag) but very usable for 90% of everyday themes.
A gem. Looks like a thick credit card. Produces excellent pics, especially in the macro range. Has its own u/w casing, smaller than most today's compacts. IMHO, a very good model which should've been kept and modernized without changing the volume...
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-R1
Well-built 10MP large lens (67mm) model. Get specs in Camera list. I used it professionally for several years. Nothing bad to say about it...
Other gear:
  • Chinon CX Good-working 35-mm film camera, long forgottten.
  • Kodak Retinette II An elegant, solid 135 format camera with excellent foldable lens system and Compur shutter.
  • Minolta Dynax 7000i Very well built 135 format camera of it's time. The only one that could service 50 rolls of film from single (6V) battery. Swept away by the winds of (digital) change...
  • Nikonos III A top-class design of an amphibious camera. I only wish they used the framework to make a digital one... (Fat chance... they've discontinued the model to build far less attractive models :(
  • Nikonos IVa A veritable flop, compared to both model III and V. The watertighting by a so-called "X-ring" spoiled the fun. An amateur attempt, which I presume had them lose a lots of customers.
  • Nikonos V Electronized TTL amphibious camera, well put together. A model which could've been very popular in digital version. To my sorrow, the designer will very rarely attempt to project something that would encompass users' wishes...
  • Olympus IS3000 An excellent bridge 35-mm film model. 1st class optics, rendering very good images. A light-to-carry go-anywhere model.
  • Olympus mju II One of the excellent pocket models in 135 format. Weather resistant, sturdy and ergonomically well designed. I liked it a lot.
  • Perfecta 6x6 (fix-focus) My first camera, a simple bakelite box using 12-rolls of large format film. It did the job, though, teaching me to like photography...
  • Praktica B An old, heavy and solidly built 135 format camera with M42 interchangeable lenses. It has been considered a good entry model in its times.
  • Rolleiflex A classic two-eyed good working 6x6 boxy camera with lots of good mechanical inventions built into it. Made to work forever, but then the fashion changed... :)