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Every time i see a interview with some highshot from sony, canon, nikon etc on drev or some where else i dont even take a quick look cause i already know the answers to the questions zzz z.. But this guy on the other hand i get excited, how can you not like sigma when he is the owner. Makes me even more happy about my sigma lenses in a weird way

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Focus Shift Shooting: I'm glad I didn't buy one of these just based on the hype. And truth be told, the hype machine wasn't nearly the power that the D850 produced, a camera that has been sold out for over a year!

I'm pretty sure that the Z7 is a decent camera, it's just that for $3400 it should be an outstanding, amazing, ridiculously incredible camera.

For drev posters its all black and white. Both sony a7mk3 and nikon z will find ut buyers. For some like weddingphotogs dual card is a must and for others not, same with relaible following af, battery life etc. Not many will buy a nikon z7 for weddingwork or Sports but it will find it buyers just like Sonys cameras.

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To bad was hoping for more, well no worries i will stick to my plan and buy the 5d4 instead

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mristuccia: Wait... no one complaining about the lack of IBIS? C'mon guys you are letting me down!

Haha yes but i have seen alot of complains on dpr and petapixeld facebook pages... Its supposed to be a cheaper "entry level" Mediumformat camera that is really really cheap for a Mf camera and is supoosed to be under gfx50s and still people cry that it doesnt have all the features that the s have and more, duuh then it would have cost atleast like the s to. Whats next complaining that nikon d3500 dont have same autofocus as the d5, more megapixels then d850 and a rugged body lol

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DingieM: Without new sensor tech, its a waste of time and money. Fuji had better wait for new sensors and/or use Samsung sensors...

Whats wrong with the sensor they already have. remember its supposed to be their "entry level" Mediumformat camera with some people that whine about lack of ibis and more controls etc whine about. Its a bargain if you look at the other Mf cameras so you cant get everyting in it

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gaul: Yes but no

Have you seen the price of this thing?

So its not for you, glad you announced it.. No but serious tripods for filmning are not cheap and not for (non advanced) amateurs

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Good movie to stop Malung sa lenses and cameras and movie over to L mount. Im sure they will sell more cameras then they are doin now and that aint much

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To all the People that complain about the weight: sigmas art series are about image quality, first you have to sacrifice weight then. If its to heavy for you then you are just not their taget Base so stop complaining. Not Evert camera and lens are made just for you, buy another lens just

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DS HK: An adaptor for filmmakers, no need to consider AF and aperture coupling that why it is the first for Z-mount.

It seems that MTF Service expects a good chance of Z-system on the film making market

First you brag that sony can use every lens that exist but for canon their lenses are to old lol..... No they are not to old. They are used on cameras that demand good results in autofocus like 1dx2 or on high mp camera like 5dsr...that they are to old are just bs

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Wilkay: Besides price, Sony RX10 and RX100 series still got no competition on bridge camera.

Besides Price Nikon d5 is so Much better then THE d3500

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DiffractionLtd: People criticized Sony for a slow-pace of lens introductions for their E-series cameras, but Nikon's lens road-map time-frame is slow enough for them to assume heavy use of adapters to use existing lenses, either Nikon's or others.

Mil man why wont old glass do just fine?

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RubberDials: This is the first 50/1.2 from a camera maker actually designed in the digital era (the rest are either film-era ports or by independents).

If you'd asked me what market there was such a lens - I'd have said 'no market'. Seems I couldn't be more wrong.

It's also the first digital-era 50 from Canon, excluding the 1.8 STM. Canon has a famously loyal user base, but surely EF users won't be happy that when Canon finally makes a modern 50mm lens it makes it for a new mount and forces you to buy a new camera to use it?

I would lay money that this design was deliberately held back for the R project.

Why be unhappy, would the old 50L get better if canon didnt make this one. Canon is coming with new excellent ef lenses all the time just people that thinks the world surrounds their Need that get unhappy

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