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20-50 II (kind of) died on me: cannot change aperture :( Samsung Talk Jan 29, 2018
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NX1 Moire Samsung Talk Feb 18, 2016
[DIY] NX1 4K Movie Converter to H.264 and Prores 422 codec Samsung Talk Feb 15, 2016
[RMMC] Vesion Released. (LUT filter option added and more) Samsung Talk Jan 7, 2016
[New Ver. RMMC] Input LUT featured. Will be released tonight. Samsung Talk Jan 7, 2016
H.265 Converter for windows with an option for an input LUT Samsung Talk Jan 5, 2016
((RockyMountains Movie Converter)) New Ver Released Samsung Talk Nov 22, 2015
[Info] NX Mount Protocol Summary Samsung Talk Nov 4, 2015
About latest PhotoRumors post: "Did Samsung just confirm that ...." Samsung Talk Oct 28, 2015
[NX1] Yesterday Lunar Eclipse Pictures Samsung Talk Sep 28, 2015
NX500 4K video as crop mode. :-( Samsung Talk Sep 5, 2015
Test of the new DIS on the NX1 using the NX 50-200mm Lens Samsung Talk Aug 22, 2015
NX1 firmware ver 1.4 is coming. Samsung Talk Aug 22, 2015
NX1 H.265 Videos - Goodbye video converters, hello PowerDirector 13! Samsung Talk Jul 5, 2015
Updated rumors: NX1-LX Samsung Talk Jun 29, 2015
New Firmware 1.3! Samsung Talk May 22, 2015
Samsung NX1 NO LENS warning Samsung Talk May 12, 2015
[DIY] Making NX body cap with disposible film camera lens Samsung Talk Apr 28, 2015
Crazy idea on a homemade TC for Samsung NX Samsung Talk Apr 27, 2015
[DIY Log] NX Macro Extension Tube Set with Samsung NX Genuine Mount Parts Samsung Talk Apr 25, 2015
Is the NX1 that much better than the NX10 ISO-wise? Samsung Talk Apr 7, 2015
[NX1] Valentines day early morning Moon. Samsung Talk Mar 29, 2015
Real user NX500 continuous shots test: 5 (RAW+JPG), 40 (JPG) shots Samsung Talk Mar 14, 2015
[bad news] NX500 buffer size claims huge issue in Korea Samsung Talk Mar 12, 2015
[rumor] NX1 will have crop 4K and lossy RAW options. Samsung Talk Mar 6, 2015
NX500 on Promotional Sale (Mar 2 - 10) in Korea Samsung Talk Mar 2, 2015
[DIY] Upgrade: NX1 H.265 Movie Converter for Win64, Win32 and OSX Samsung Talk Feb 27, 2015
[NX1] 6th day of Moon Samsung Talk Feb 26, 2015
Working on DIY: AF Adapter for NX camera. Samsung Talk Feb 16, 2015
Gh4 VS Nx1 : My impressions so far. Samsung Talk Feb 11, 2015
[NX1] Moon captured by 4K stacked. Samsung Talk Feb 11, 2015
Samsung NX1 Firmware 1.20 Coming Soon Samsung Talk Jan 20, 2015
NX1 h.265 to h.264 conversion for non-editors Samsung Talk Jan 14, 2015
NX1100 (maybe other?) unable to set af spot in center Samsung Talk Jan 11, 2015
[CES 2015] Took some video clips about NX1 new firmware 1.2 Samsung Talk Jan 11, 2015
Accessing Samsung NX1 H265 Video Metadata Samsung Talk Dec 31, 2014
NX1 Firmware Samsung Talk Dec 25, 2014
Samsung NX1 visits the home of the 23rd US President - Benjamin Harrison Samsung Talk Dec 20, 2014
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Got my NX1 - My first 4K video. Samsung Talk Nov 29, 2014
Some NX1 4K Captured shots Samsung Talk Nov 27, 2014
Bunch of NX1s are delivered for promo. orders in Korea Samsung Talk Nov 27, 2014
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Lightroom 5.7 now supports NX1 Samsung Talk Nov 19, 2014
New NX1 samples in flickr Samsung Talk Nov 19, 2014