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  • DxO says the A6300 (and so A6400 and A6100) are equal to the EM1 mark ii for noise.
    Since none of those Sonys have IBIS, they really are poor values. Just get the old Oly and some smaller cheaper...

  • You can find me on Fred Miranda and a number of Sony forums.
    Although, I am not going to post there anymore because I do not like Sonys strategy of first abandoning A mount and now giving APSC the...

  • There are a LOT of problems with the old Sony sensor.
    It has a very slow readout. This means BAD rolling shutter during video and if using the electronic shutter. It is kind of useless in some...

  • Watch the A7R4 video this site did.
    It shows SOOC colors.
    It has been a long time since I've seen colors that bad.
    The A7R3 which now has the eye AF seems like a superior camera and value. The...

  • You are right,
    Sony prioritizes FF over APSC. They would rather you buy an old A7 over an A6600.
    We see this with the hardware. The A6600 is made of parts from 2014 and 2015.

    But just so you...

  • Yeah, Sony said the A6600 is the flagship and best they will offer.
    After 2-3 years of being wrong silly fools still think their will be an A7000.

    The same people say an A77iii is coming too, lol!!!!

  • There are only 2 Sony APSC cameras with IBIS.
    The 16-50 also lacks IBIS. If you add a little motion blur to those "average" sharp pics, the results will definitely be poor.
    Honesty if you don't...

  • Someone posted that it actually is the same processor despite the marketing. The "processing" was all that is different.
    I don't believe Sony marketing. So instead I'll wait for real evidence.

  • First Sony marketing talks about fixing their colors each time they release a new camera.
    Next, we see the majority of people complain about Sony colors (see A7R4 video comments)
    Then we see forums...

  • I don't think they are dishonest and the review wasn't that positive.
    Look how many times they say "disappointing". Jordan even mentions the AF others say is so great, is unreliable for video. And...

  • It's been mentioned several times that Sony marketing say the A6600 and the A6300 have the same Bionz processor. There is no evidence that Sony could not have updated the A6300 with FW.
    All the...

  • Look at Sonys cameras the past few years. The colors keep changing.
    Sony marketing keeps saying they "improved" the colors.
    If there was no problem why do they keep changing?
    And why after every...

  • No, no professional wants to start with Sonys ugly skin tones.
    And it's not just Canon users. In the forums you find Sony users, Fujifilm users, Nikon users, Olympus users all agree. Sony colors...

  • Ever since the NEX 7 years ago gullible people have said an A7000 is coming soon. They always looked silly.
    Sony is never going to sell an APSC camera that interferes with FF sales. That's why we...

  • Are people that dumb to still think there will be an A7000??
    I've heard that every 2 months for the past 2 years. And every time the person ended up looking like a total fool.
    Why not just get...

  • For the record. The "bigger" sensor only has a 2/3rds of stop difference. Negligible considering better IBIS and more wide aperture lenses.
    The difference between APSC and FF is big though. ...

  • 30 years ago I talked to a former Kodak film scientist who helped create most of their best selling film. He helped make what we call Kodak colors.
    He said accurate colors didn't sell. In studies...

  • So if Sony would have just made a battery grip for the A6100 or A6300 and added some firmware to the 6300 , you would have been happy... And you wouldn't lose that flash and you'd save...

  • The A6600 competes well against the EM10 mark 3.
    The Oly has a flash, better touchscreen, better IBIS, better colors, more lenses, and a few more features.
    They both shoot 4k and 1080/120p, both...

  • @Richard
    Lets be honest.
    The A6600 doesn't compete against anyone else's "flagship". It is mid tier.
    Compared to the X-T3, it has a lower resolution VF, lower resolution LCD, lack of most...

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