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KZ7: What new complaints will the Canon haters come up with now 24p is no longer an issue. Yes it should have been in at the start but was it necessary for the target market, debatable. At least they listened and are now implementing it for those that want it.
I would love to know how many people actually use this frame rate and how many who complained it was not available are actually considering the camera now that it is.

h.265 would be nice for 4K recording.

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flip 21: still, 4K video on Canon expensive cameras looks like 1080p upscaled, 120fps in 1080p, with no sound nor AF...crap!

If I put the a7iii beside the 6D, I will find that that the a7iii costs $2000 and the 6D costs $1500. ;)

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Miserere: It doesn't have a tripod mount. Fail!

No, but they make a REALLY BIG bean bag...

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