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I think the issue is not just confined to photographers. When people come across of a mob hitting somebody, primal fear roars up. Very hard to go and interfere or stop. Atleast, the photographer had the courage to take pics
But when they they see people in a famine or so, there is no real reason as not to stop and give what you have for people to eat or carry people to a relief camp
This is not a grey area while mob attacks are definite no no for most people

But atleast they have the pictures which can be used to mobilize help or help document for future generations

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On article Pentax launches smc DA 50mm F1.8 for APS-C cameras (108 comments in total)
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tkbslc: Why come out with a crop only 50mm lens? I know Pentax only makes crop cameras now, so wouldn't something like a 57 or 60mm make a lot more sense? Lots of people use 50's on a crop camera, but that's just because they were left over from film days. Who really wants a 75mm equivalent prime? It's just always felt a tad too short. 85-90mm equivalent would be much better even though it's only a few extra mm.

And I know Pentax has some great 70 and 77mm primes, but they already had a 50mm f1.4, too.

Pentax has DA*55mmF1.4 already. 50mmF1.8 is entry level

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On article Just Posted: In-depth Nikon D800 review (541 comments in total)
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fastprime: Regarding this conclusion:

" We emphasize the word can, because if you're truly after 36MP performance, be prepared to do some work. Flawless technique, fast shutter speeds and top-shelf equipment (particularly lenses and a tripod) along with a low ISO are requirements not options."

I really don't get this. The pixel density is slightly less than the APS-C D7000. On the D800 the DX area of the sensor is 15mp, therefore the additional 21mp are in the sensor area between the DX area and the perimeter.

All cameras benefit from flawless technique, tripods and better lenses. Nobody talks about flawless technique, tripods and top shelf lenses being requirements to shoot a D7000 (or the 24mp D3200, 22mp 5D3 or any other brand high density mpxl camera). Why should the D800 be singled out?

True in one sense, if you want to maximize your camera benefits, then flawless technique is essential.
This is a very expensive camera relative to APS-DSLRs like D7000. In terms of Image quality, if you define D7000 as 95% and D800 as 98% , the jump to 98% is possible only if you use flawless mechanisms, otherwise you get good results in term of resolution which will be in 95% category but not that 98% category. When people buy medium format cameras, they care about that extra jump in the quality.

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On article Pentax K-01 studio test shots published (146 comments in total)

Any comments from dpreview team regarding shot-shot speed (assuming instant review is turned off)? I dont have any hopes on tracking as none of the CDAF cameras do a good job on that
If K-01 can shoot similar to LX-5 in terms of operational speed, K-01 will be a decent package compared to NEX/ M43 given the APS-C sensor quality, smaller compact primes availability

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Given that K-01 has been out for a while, when is the review due in dpreview
Jeff keller says his K-01 review is ongoing

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bebopberg: Well I guess you're in no rush to post the Samsung NX20 samples. Priorities, priorities...

In some sense true, Pentax K-01 has been out for a while... Has not DPReview alone not received it?

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On article Just Posted: Nikon D3200 preview samples gallery (499 comments in total)
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Pixel Judge: The first photo w/ singer at stage is impressive: 38mm, f6.3 at ISO12,800!
But my 12MP Oly EP2 with 17mm f2.8 pan lens ($700 total) can get that shot at ISO3200 with similar result.

I am sure Nikkor 35mmF1.8 (< $200) can do the same. Point is look at what is possible with fast lens and high ISO
Personally I carry on with K10D (5 years behind ep2) with Sigma 30mmF1.4 but still its fascinating to see how much progress in high ISO shooting

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On article Pentax announces K-01 K-mount APS-C mirrorless camera (867 comments in total)

look @ nex/ olympus/ nx cameras, they are small but lens size?huge, In this case I dont see the size to be a big deal
Given the market position of Pentax, it does not make sense for them to create a new aps-c mount in addition to k mount
Viewfinder like what canon had in the G1X would have been useful, how the hell are we supposed to use a lens like 18-250mm using the LCD to frame?
I hope they make EVF available, then this camera will be a good competitor to GH2 and likes.
swivel LCD will be awesome but viewfinder is more helpful
For people stepping up from P&S, if compared with Sony/ Canon/Nikon/ Panasonic/ Olympic/ Samsung, K-01 is very competitive with good video mode fully LCD based operation etc
hope Pentax nailed the AF speed for legacy lenses too..
i currently own K10D, if K-01 is speedy in operation in still and video mode, then I will definitely buy one

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