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Great photos. Nice stories, plenty of humanity. Phone photography at its best.

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landscaper1: Geez! If megapixels keep increasing at this rate, we're gonna need super-computers to post-process them.

Yesterday supercomputers are called smartphones today.


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HenryDJP: Panasonic it's your turn now. While I'm only one consumer with one opinion, I won't buy any future main cameras unless they are full frame....and for a "B" camera I might still go for an APS-C, but m4/3 sensors are just too small and sacrifice light sensitivity as well as such a large crop.

Nonsense. I clearly prefer my PEN-F than my A7II.

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Jaythomasni: This is in line with they did with head phone jack on phone...a shake up tactic to give an impression that apple is doing something futuristic, stylish or special every time..but this was dumb..
SD is going to be the standard storage size for time to come....with micro SD fitting within....flash will go away.
they could easily make the reader more compact and flush design...with a sprung metal lid covering the opening otherwise looking flush to the chasis...lot of possibilities.

No, they are not.

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On article Bang for the Buck: Olympus OM-D E-M10 II Review (719 comments in total)
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CarlosMP: The best pro of the E-M10m2 , is that I will be able to pick up a dirt cheap E-M10 pretty soon.

The real PL5 upgrade is the PL7. PL6 was a minor upgrade supposed to be only for the asiatic market, though it arrived to other western countires (at least some in Europe).


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So, with this adapter, my Canon 50 1.4 will be a 70 1.0, except for DOF (where it will be transformed into an 70 f2.0). Moreover, when used with Panasonic m43 cameras will maintain AF. I find it extremly interesting. Rather better use for my 50mm, than when I used it with an APSC Canon.
Yes, pricey, but it is clear than the Speed Booster designers have done a nice job. Congrats.


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Seems a pretty interesting gadget above all if you can control / program it easily via its sdk.

When will it arrive into Europe?, any idea?

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All look huge except for the 28/f2.0. Will their price be equally huge?


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Timmbits: I'm puzzled as to why there is marked difference in sharpness and contrast between the Oly omdem5 and the Pan gx7 test images.
They do test with the same lens, right? Why would the Oly be sharper then?
I'm not sure I get it - same sensor size, same bayer pattern, both have olpf... I see nothing to explain the softness of the gx7 other than bad focus?

ps: Merry Christmas everyone!

I am almost sure that the OMD review was the last done with the Zuiko 50 mm macro while both GX7 and EM1 were done with the Panleica 45 mm instead. At base iso, EM1 and GX7 seem to me almost identical in the dprewievs test.

In my own tests between Epl5 and GX7, using the Panasonic 20mm I find better corner resolution with the Pana. I was rather surprised witth this finding as I didn't expect it.

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On article Welcome to our studio test scene (271 comments in total)

I found the new test scene to be excellent. After playing with it for not too much time, I have to say that I will no miss the old test (though I have used it a lot).

Great job Dpreview!!.


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On article Canon PowerShot G16 Real-world Samples Gallery (92 comments in total)

It seems to me that hight iso shots are at least as good as those from the previous G15 (already very good and with excelent color rendition).. I also guess that if you use raw than you can expect to maximize dynamic range as you can do with the previous model.

Being faster is good, but not enough reason, at least for me, for upgrading from the previous G that I own, and currently use as my "allways with me" camera.

I would like to see an abatible or foldable lcd screen in the next model as some improvement in the viewfinder, especially increasing its percentage of view.

All in all, I have to say that G cameras are still very good cameras, with excellent ergonomics, bright lens, good AF and what is more important nice results, don't fool yourself with the not good comments from some people here and give it a try, I guess you could be surprised as I was after purchasing mine.

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patoth66: Really hope they put a Kodak sensor in it! I mean whats the point calling it Kodak without there sensor technology in it? its like calling a intel based computer for Amiga!! I also like the Kodak sensor, like I like the Foveon sensor!

As an e400 old user, I still remember the fabulous low iso images that I used to take with its Kodak sensor. As you said, hight iso was not so good. But all in all, it was an excellent small camera.

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Francis Carver: Limited zoom range fixed lens. "Viewfinder" is basically totally useless (I tried the camera, that's how I know). Nikon P7700 gives plenty more features and better specs for about the same dough. Of course, this one has the word "CANON" emblazed on it, so for some, that may be worth a few hundred bucks right then and there, huh?

Sorry, but I have to disagree. I currently have a G15 and found myself using the viewfinder a lot. As for me, no viewfinder implies no purchase (and I am sure that the Nikon is an excellent camera).

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On article Just Posted: Canon PowerShot G15 review (334 comments in total)

Thank you for the review. As usual I found it to be informative, precise and well written. Almost absolutely agree whith your views respect to the camera.

As a G15 recent user (before it, I had a G12) I love its results & usability (yes, ergonomy is a big factor here as, for example, I never will consider purchasing a camera without some kind of ovf/evf in it).

I am sure thet there are another good compacts out there but the G15 is clearly a very serious contender. As for me, DPR's review makes justice to that.

Quito, from Spain

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On photo DSCF9962_ad in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Clearly, there are some durst particles in the sensor. Yo can see them in those blue skies. Is a pity.

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On a photo in the Fujifilm X-Pro1 Preview Samples sample gallery (1 comment in total)

Clearly, there are some durst particles in the sensor. Yo can see them in those blue skies. Is a pity.

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