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On article Nikon releases non-'SE' Nikkor Z 28mm F2.8 (235 comments in total)
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Bone Jedi: I held off on this lens for awhile because of the plastic mount. Call it a "cheap lens" if you like, but it's still $300 (as of 30 March, 2022 on sale for $267). That's only "cheap" (inexpensive) in relative terms vs other Z lenses. But it is certainly not actually inexpensive. $300 can get you some really nice F-mount glass that's built way better. It should have a metal mount...

Whining aside, it arrived yesterday. And holy moly, I love it! I mean, if only it had a metal mount... This is fast becoming my favorite lens for Z bodies! It's pretty awesome on my Z6 as a killer tiny Street Monster!

It leaves me JONESING for a same-form-factor slightly longer version capable of blurring backgrounds more notably. That 40mm f2 is pretty enticing now! If only IT had a metal mount. Damn plastic mounts... X-( But I dunno if I should to with the 40mm f2 or the MC 50mm f2.8; which is a liiitle bit bigger than the 28 and 40. Hhhmmm...

Don't you hate how plastic mounts really hurt the IQ of a lens?

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