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Being that m43 lenses are already made by Laowa, does this formal joining allow them to develop autofocus lenses?

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(unknown member): And some people still claim that Olympus picture quality is not good enough!

@PHtorino How on earth could you say those things with working fashion, landscape, wedding photographers on this forum using m43. It makes no sense. You can argue price, weight, size for sure, but to suggest it's not good enough for working pros is ridiculous. Personally it's perfect for me for architecture/real estate.

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The Seinfeld reference is good enough for me to buy something from your company :p

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Photomonkey: The perfect opportunity to lose all the data in your lifetime.

I don't see how this is intended for any use but long term data storage. It has a SATA interface; not SAS, or any type of direct-to-bus interface. This thing appears to be the equivalent of a cheap-n-deep SSD. The fact that they mention MTBF and power consumption instead of total drive writes or IOP/s makes me think this is for archiving data. I could be wrong. I wouldn't store my data on this. It would take 4+ for me to feel comfortable.

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Maoby: Very interesting, thank you for rediscovering the treasures of the past!

For those interested
I have here, the first digital compact with their original box (personal collection)
In chronological order
Among them the 1995 Ricoh RDC-1 (the first digital Ricoh)
Surely the most sophisticated camera of its time

see here

Fitting that your collection took a major nosedive in progression when the iPhone shows up. :( I do love my iPhone.

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raindance: So many Windows trolls out tonight. Guys, you lost get over it. You failed in the mobile space that is now heavily dominated by Android and iOS, you have no eco system like that of Google and iCloud that cohesively works across your devices, you are the only game in town that still uses an antiquated operating system full off security and privacy holes that is not based on the Linux kernel. You have no home automation market, no investment in health, fitness, secure payment, messaging, music, and streaming media. You want Apple to fail for some pointless reason, but it's just not working and the stock price and value is a constant reminder of their dominance. Your sleeping giant might have woke back up, but unfortunately they missed the last ten years. Game Over, move on..

Coming from a Mac fan, you are wrong on a few things. Microsoft has built a very successful cloud offering and can sync anything. The ecosystem is there. Windows 10 is not antiquated. I mean, you can't make these statements as they are untrue. OS X and IOS are not based on Linux; and have had and will have security holes. Certainly much less than Windows, but Windows has so many more attack vectors. I could give you an endless list of where Microsoft has provided much better features than OS X. For instance, hover-over window previews and windows snap. How about simple maximizing if windows (correctly)? And OS X has done so many more things better. But, to suggest that Microsoft isn't competing is absurd man. *maybe* 5 years ago. Now, don't get me started on the stupidity of losing magsafe. Do you have any idea how many times I've resoldered a power plug in a Dell laptop? That alone may cost Apple this customer.

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Timbukto: In tandem with this effort, Panasonic is looking into semi-automatic memory card magazines and spent card ejection mechanisms. Videographers at weddings will have to pay attention to these card ejections less they poke a guest in the eye with a spent SanDisk SDXC card.

Great taste. Love it.

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Could the model just have small hands?

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(unknown member): Wonderful pictures of war planes, but where are the pictures of US military planes bombing children and other civilians to pieces? Cannot see any. Romanticizeing killing machines feels absurd.

@jorepuusa Rubbish. You would be part of Germany or Russia right now had it not been for the USA and the Western Allies. Finland was also a principle economic aid to the Soviet Union for decades trading goods and services to an evil empire which perpetuated the misery and death of millions. When the rest of the world turned their back on Communism, Finland took advantage of it. And settlers? Common.

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(unknown member): Wonderful pictures of war planes, but where are the pictures of US military planes bombing children and other civilians to pieces? Cannot see any. Romanticizeing killing machines feels absurd.

@christom Keep up the good fight.

"If you live in a free and democratic country then you have America to thank for that..."

There is no doubt about this. You're welcome to argue this back and forth but it doesn't change this basic fact.

"...when China buys the US of A because they're built out of debts..." There's no doubt about this either. It's scary as heck.

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Peiasdf: Public employees were getting too fat and lazy to climb the stairs anymore so they had to build a new union-accessible building and demolish this wonderful building.

You would not be "cast aside" in a libertarian/conservative world. Completely untrue statement. You really should look into what socialist/communist's states did to people like you in the past. I think you're opinions are driven from misinformation. It's too sad.

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