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Nikon D800 24-120F4VR, sigma 50-500OS, Tamron 17-35 2.8-4.
Sold most of canon gear
Canon 1DS-MK11, Rebel-350D,Canon 17-40, 70-200EX, 50-500EX. 105EX macro Tamron 28-75Di Canon 300 F4, Canon 400 2.8, Sigma 300-800EX, Gitzo 1325, Feisol CT-3401N


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On article A fully loaded iMac Pro will cost you $13,200 (563 comments in total)

Imacs are over priced. There just using standard PC parts now. You pay through the nose for the OS. I build my own Pc's and can do that for 1/3 the price imac charges. If you really believe the Apple OS is worth that then have at it. Oh this super priced one is way over kill. Zeon processor are made for severs not for photo of video editing. You will never use that much ram either.

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Greg VdB: It really is odd that DPR's "hands-on" didn't mention at all the questionable reversal of the zoom and focus rings. Look here for a more thorough hands-on tackling the potential issues: https://photographylife.com/nikon-70-200mm-f2-8e-fl-vr-handling-concerns

wow after watching that video its pretty clear Nikon screwed up here with the focus ring placement.

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On article The Canon that can: Canon EOS 80D Review (729 comments in total)

Well it dynamic range is much better over the 70D even better than the FF 6D but still lacking compared to others. I Just compared it to the Nikon D500 and FF D810 (yes 810 FF but so is 6D) and you can see canon sensors are still behind. I left canon after the 7D. noisy camera at base iso. Sky was full of noise, Night shots were pretty bad too. I really hated that. Last decent sensor was the 1dsmk2 I had. that was crystal clear at base iso. Then canon was hell bent on high iso and base iso suffered. Hopefully this 80D is nice and clean at base iso.

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On article 2014-15 Waterproof Camera Roundup (255 comments in total)
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jeffharris: With such small sensors, If manufacturers would keep the megapixels LOWER the image quality could be much better! 10MP or below is perfectly good for cameras like theses.

I have Olympus TG1 and an earlier Tough camera (TC130?)

Smart phones are NOT as good as these camera period. I been using a Nikon AW110. Is it great, no. BUT it way better than any cell phone I have seen. Iam a kayaker and paddle with groups and we all post pictures from the paddles. All the ones who use cell phones whether there iphones or androids the pictures suck compared to my Aw110. not even close.

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On article Tamron SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di VC USD Lab Test Review (257 comments in total)

I keep seeing the sigma 150-500 compared to the Tamron. The Sigma 50-500-OS is the better lens. Sigmas 150-500 has ALWAYS been a stinker. I tested 3 of them they were ALL sub par even compared against my first gen 50-500 non OS let alone the newest 50-500 OS. BUT it does cost more so maybe thats why but still.

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On article Tamron to develop 150-600mm F5-6.3 ultra-telephoto zoom (193 comments in total)

Will see how it compares against the Sigma 50-500 OS. From what I have read the Sigma isn't quite 500mm (around 480mm) so I wonder if this will also be true about this lens? I really like my Sigma so it will need to be at least as sharp to even consider it. Oh being a F6.3 wont hurt focus at all. I used my original non OS sigma which is F6.3 on a D30 yes D30 not 30D a 10D and then a few 1 series bodies with no problem with any of them. So being F6.3 is a non issue for focus. Just forget about adding a 1.4 tele converter to it.Now I use the latest sigma 50-500OS on a Nikon D800 and it works quite well.

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ProfHankD: I think AA filters don't make sense anymore. Just have small enough sensels to be past Nyquist for any lens and do analog/digital reduction in resolution. Easy. As I account for Bayer filters, a 5um sensel is at Nyquist for a lens resolving 50lppmm -- which few do corner-to-corner. 5um is just 14MP APS-C, or 36MP FF -- i.e., the D800. A little higher sensel count just makes the AA issue disappear.

Interesting because if the pixel size on the D800 doesnt really need a AA filter allready then if the rumor about 54 meg it certainly wouldnt need ANY AA filter so why bother with a variable one at all? Unless there wont be a 54 meg camera at all but just another 36 meg one, humm?

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On article 2013 Waterproof Camera Roundup (123 comments in total)

Humm looking at the images from these it looks like the Nikon is better yet you say its one of the worst? I downloaded the pic of the clock for the Nikon and the TG-2 and the Nikon is clearer, sharper and has more detail. I also noticed both pics were taken on the same day almost same time. 5-31-13 aw110 at 5:16 and TG-2 at 4:16. So there fair to compare. Then if you use your image compare thing on the review of the TG-2 going through the various iso ratings again the Nikon sure looks like it has more detail throughout the whole iso range. So confused about image quality rating in this comparison. I found a review on yotube that also thought the Nikon had best image quality. What am I missing? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btcljWkpg5U

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On article The DSLR Field Camera (168 comments in total)

I use D800 and Helicon software to combine different focused shots to get depth of field like a Tilt shift lens can do. If more rez is needed then do a stitched photo. If I had the money I would try a tilt shift. I haven't yet tested to see if more pixels would get a sharper shot for a 20 by 30 inch print which is about the largest I do. But wide angle and hyper focal with D800 just doesn't work well enough. Helicon solves that problem.

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On article Just deployed: New dpreview.com forums system (693 comments in total)

Why are you downsizing images of say a 1000 pixels wide. It makes them look like crap. Click on image it then up-sizes this downsized image making it look even worse. Yes you can click on Original in corner but that's a real pain plus it then pops it up in another box. I thought this was a photo site. Why make looking at those photos so POOR?

Most monitors are now at least 1200 pixels wide, why downsize 1000 pixel wide pictures which is what I consider ideal web size. Not tiny 600 wide ones.

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On article Canon announces EOS 5D Mark III 22MP full-frame DSLR (457 comments in total)

Overpriced for a FF 7D.

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